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How to best manage incontinence problems In 2021

Manage health problem

Incontinence is a public Manage health problem. Women are the most affected. Indeed, from the age of 60, more than one in three women is confronted with it. But then, what are the causes, and above all, how to overcome them?

Types of incontinence

The most common incontinence is stress incontinence. It is indeed a urine emission related to the effort.

The fact of contracting the abdomen strongly enough then causes a urinary leakage. A burst of laughter or a simple sneeze can have dramatic consequences for the person experiencing it.

The second type of incontinence is urinary leakage linked to an overactive bladder (urge e). When the person feels the need to urinate, they, unfortunately, cannot hold back. learn about landscape drawing.

Stress incontinence is better experienced than urgency Manage health problems. Which disrupts everyday life because it is tough to manage. It surprises at the office, in the subway, in the street, and disrupts everyday life whether at the emotional, personal, social, professional, etc. level.

The causes

  • Weak pelvic floor muscles
  •  They support the bladder and control urine and stool. Thus, a weakening of the latter generates this disorder.
  • Sport, excess bodybuilding
  •  40% of athletic women are closely affected.
  • Consequences after a prostate operation in 10 to 15% of cases
  •  Men are also affected but in a smaller proportion. The consequences of prostate surgery can generally be resolving within 3 to 6 months. Rehabilitation is necessary if additional information is desired.
  • Descent of the bladder
  •  This descent occurs in women only. It is the result of a refinement of the tissues located between the bladder and the vagina.
  • The first childbirth
  •  It can be a risk factor. The influence of the infant on the basin floor can exert pressure which causes incontinence.
  • Health
  •  Problems Certain Manage health problems can affect muscle control, such as degenerative mental or neurological diseases.
  • Taking
  •  Certain medications, such as antidepressants or muscle relaxers, can cause damage to bladder control.
  • It is not able to go to the toilet.
  •  Older people who have difficulty moving around may have incontinence problems because they cannot get to the toilet on time.
  • Constipation with faecal impaction
  •  It is also a proven cause.

Some tips for dealing with this genuine inconvenience

  1. Consult

See a doctor find out where the problem is coming from.

  1. Obtain suitable protection

If you are ashamed to go out and buy protection at a pharmacy or a point of sale with people, if you fear the eyes of others, there is a solution: online stores. It is the case that the Sphere Santa site offers products from several recognized brands such as Tena, for example.

  1. Strengthen the perineum

If the problem comes from the perineum, then it must be re-educated to strengthen it. Specialized therapists can be the solution to best help you.

4.Go to a psychologist

Talking about this disorder can help keep you from losing your social relationships or even breaking down.

  1. Undergo reconstructive surgery

As a last resort, if rehabilitation has not worked, surgery is recommended. The operation aims to support the urethra with a sling.

Incontinence is a fundamental factor of inconvenience and suffering, so do not hesitate to talk to Manage health problem professionals.

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