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Mobile App Development

How To Build DoorDash Clone App Based On Latest Technology 2021

On-demand grocery delivery apps have been a huge support in keeping the economy afloat. If you are thinking about why to develop an app, probably you might have known that the Pandemic has worst hit the hospitality, tourism, daily essentials, groceries, and catering businesses worldwide. The reason today majority of the entrepreneurs are venturing into building DoorDash Clone App is to keep their business brimming. Generate some revenue if not profits.

COVID19 has propelled the growth of the on-demand industry especially grocery and food ordering. Popular apps like UberEats, Deliveroo, Instacart, and DoorDash conveyed that they already have achieved their 2022 target this year itself. Thus, it conveys that investing in building an app like DoorDash is very much beneficial and lucrative.

Building DoorDash Clone App Brings Significant Benefits

Increases revenue size

Grocery stores are witnessing increasing in approximately 20 -25% in the revenue from online grocery orders than the customers visiting stores

Reduces foot traffic

Most of the states have started re-opened the physical stores. But that comes with strict restrictions of social distancing, curbing business hours, and so on. Thus, offering online grocery delivery can help curb the loss of income of empty stores. Also, it helps in maintaining the safety protocols issued by the government.

More business opportunities

Your customers will be mostly ordering grocery online using the app. This way you will be able to offer your grocery delivery services offering “Contactless Deliveries”. By offering grocery delivery you are increasing your customer base.

Less overhead

Carrying on grocery deliveries needs accuracy. You will be on your toes mostly ensuring that the dispatch is organized. With the Grocery delivery app like DoorDash, it takes away the stress. You no longer have to pay for the resources. You can downsize the manpower and save on labor costs.

Get more new customers

Grocery delivery app will not only help you retain old customers, but it will also give you more new customers too.

Once the word is out, there will people downloading your app and using it to become your permanent customers. All thanks to that the DoorDash Clone App is built on scalable technologies that can easily accommodate the influx of customers. Thus, no hassles when you are expanding in new locations, perhaps another city, and later on countries. So, when you are signing up for the DoorDash Clone App you are putting your grocery store at the forefront of thousands of customers.

grocery delivery clone

Choose The Right Features For Your On-demand Grocery Delivery Business

Integrating it with new features your DoorDash Clone App provides you with the revenue generation opportunities

  • Store wise commission
  • Daywise separate time slots
  • Item/store name searching
  • 18+ age confirmation
  • Voice note for the delivery drivers
  • Order cancelation option for the delivery drivers
  • Graphical icon status for the orders

Build Your Grocery Delivery App Using The Best Technology

While building a grocery delivery app like Doordash, it is important to develop with the latest technology stack that offers a seamless experience. Following are the essential technologies used by the reliable app development company to develop an on-demand grocery delivery app:

iPhone Android React and Native App

Backend –  Express.js,, Node.js, MongoDB, Nginx,

Frontend: React.js, Redux, Material UI

AWS EC2, S3 server

APIs Twilio for SMS, Google Maps

The on-demand grocery delivery app development company will be providing you 100% customized white-label solution that is exclusively built for your business only.

Last but not the least, hire an experienced app development company to help you streamline the process, eliminating the pain points so that you can successfully launch your grocery business online.

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