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How to buy Asim Jofa dresses in the UK or USA

If you are familiar with the Pakistani dress code for special occasions, then you may have heard of Asim Jofa dresses. These are often worn for special events such as weddings. They are intricately designed layered dresses that boast incredible colors, richness, and authenticity. No matter if you have a budget or a set design in mind, you can find those online throughout the UK and the USA from authentic retailers, such as Studio by TCS.

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Although Asim Jofa dresses are authentic to Pakistan, they are not just available there. There are many stockists and designers across the world, especially in the UK or the USA. Thus, if you are looking for an Asim Jofa dress in these countries, you are in luck.

Studio by TCS sells a variety of Asim Jofa dresses that are available online and for delivery to the UK and USA. Available are different styles, colors, designs, and materials.

Popular styles include with or without trousers. They always come with an exterior layer, which can be worn on the shoulders or over the head to cover the hair. The trouser options for the Asim Jofa dress are for shorter skirts that are typically knee-length or below. For longer dresses, these often come as the dress alone, with the exterior layer.

All Asim Jofa dresses cover the arms and entire body to align with the Pakistani dress code and cultural values. This makes them wearable for all occasions.

Common materials, that provide the wearer with breathability, elegance, and comfort, are net, lawn, organza, and silk. All of these materials for Asim Jofa dresses are available online at Studi by TCS. Whether you are looking for heavier duty material such as organza, or a lightweight dress made from silk, there will be something for you and to suit your needs.

All Asim Jofa dresses come with beautiful designs, typically embellished, that oozes elegance and luxury. These enhance the look of the dress and represent traditional Pakistani patterns. All of which are hand-designed and sewn, which offers the customer something completely unique and authentic.

Asim Jofa Dresses

Depending on your color preference, there are many available. This includes deep hues of blue and green, as well as hearty pinks and antique golds. As Pakistani dresses are often warm-hued and boast traditional colors, many are stitched with antique gold cotton.

For those looking for custom stitching, whether it be for extra design or to stitch pieces together, a custom stitching option is available. You can expect this to take up to 10 days depending on the custom task. The stitching will be complete by a professional sewer who has years of expertise with Pakistani garments.

Whilst most retailers offer Asim Jofa dresses for several hundred pounds, Studio by TCS meet and appreciate the customer budgets and average at around £100, which is very affordable. Although they are more affordable, this does not hinder their quality. All are created with the best materials and expert designers to ensure you get high-quality Asim Jofa dresses. As well as other garments they sell, for a good price.

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