How to choose a skateboard wheels

If you are a skateboarder, you know how important wheels are. There are many, many types of shark wheel electric skateboards in the world. What kind of skateboard wheel does a skater want? This short guide will help you to understand different types of wheels much better.

The first thing you must understand about wheels is that they can be bought in different ways. Skaters call this ‘hardness’ the noise D of the wheels. The durometer scale comes in two types. The D scale is used in hard materials, while the A scale is used in soft materials, such as polyurethane used in a skateboard wheel.

Depending on what you want on the wheel of the skateboard you have to choose a durometer

One rule to follow is the 78a to 88a great cruising or longboarding wheels, as these are extremely soft wheels that can easily turn over obstacles, while 88a to 97a or higher generally make good wheels for road skaters. 

These solid wheels give a little more control over the board and give the skater more speed in smooth-skating spots, such as the concrete in a skatepark. If you are a power slider, you are less likely to develop a hard wheel flat spot.

The next feature you will see on a wheel is its shape. There are a couple of different sizes of wheels and each design for a different purpose. A ‘free ride’ wheel is the wheel of your daily skateboard. Freeride wheels have rounded edges and a rounded front, which would be much easier to get off or deal with if you had a cone wheel with a flat rear. Downhill longboarders often use soft freeride wheels because it makes it easier to get down the hill. The carved edges give you some extra grip when carving.

Another type of wheel is the cone wheel

 The cone wheels have an inverted volcanic shape, with a dense rear. (If that doesn’t make sense, do a quick image search and you’ll know what I’m talking about.) Cone wheels often use for road longboarders, as they are light in weight and move very well on the road. Since they are lightweight, do not have to push a cruiser or longboard with the full wheel as many times.

After that, you need to think about the diameter of the wheels. The wheels of ordinary skateboards usually come in sizes of 50 to 54 mm. Skateboard wheels of not made smaller than 50mm, as they become too small. Large wheels often use on longboards or cruiser boards.

 Many longboarders prefer to use a soft wheel of about 59 to 60 mm

Longboarders use larger wheels than road boundaries because it makes it easier to navigate road bumps or cracks. Extreme descending longboarders often buy 65mm or more – even larger wheels because of increased speed. The bigger the wheel, the more speed you will get in the mountains.

The final step you need to take when buying your wheel is to evaluate what is available to you at your local skateboard store and then buy the wheel that is being purchased according to your needs. If you’re a street cruiser, you’ll want to get some 78a 60mm cone wheels.

If you are a skatepark skater you will probably need smaller and stiffer wheels – 97a 52mm wheels will work fine. Before you buy the wheels you are looking at, find out if you can try a board that you are checking the wheels on. A few skateboard stores have skateboard decks that they will be happy to let you try. kurumsal ofis taşımacılığı

In conclusion, we talked about what is the durometer of a wheel, how the shape is a factor, and the diameter difference. If you are still confused after reading all this information, go to your local skateboard store. They will be happy to help a fellow shark wheel electric skateboard.

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