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How to Choose a Watch According to Skin Color

Usually, women choose watches only based on the model and appearance. But, not all watches can match your skin tone, you know. It can look unattractive and unsuitable. So, choose a watch according to your skin tone. Which one do you think suits you?

Here’s how to choose a watch that suits your skin tone

Not only in terms of models, materials, and textures. You have to match your watch to your skin tone. Not necessarily a watch model that suits white owners can look right with your brown skin tone. If you want to buy a watch online, you need to consider a watch that suits your skin tone.

1. Dark color watch for brown skin

Most Asian skin is brown skin tone. If you are a woman who has a brown skin tone, a dark watch is the one that best suits your skin tone.

If you like watches with leather straps, you can choose a watch that is brown, black, or gray. This leather strap will also make you look more classy, you know.

Meanwhile, if you have a more masculine style, and like to wear a watch with stainless steel material, you can choose a gold or rose gold color to match your skin tone.

2. Patterned watch or earthy tone for olive skin

Olive skin color tends to be lighter. This color also makes you more flexible in choosing the color of the watch.

With this advantage, you can experiment with the style of your watch. Try wearing a watch that has a cute shape. After all, usually watches with motifs will seem more stylish than plain motifs, because they can replace the role of accessories in your daily appearance.

But if you still prefer to wear a watch with a plain design. You can choose nude and beige colors that will look perfect combined with your skin tone. It’s not that other colors can’t look fashionable when you wear them, it’s just that nude and beige colors will look conformable with your skin tone.

3. Glamorous watch in golden tones for dark skin tones

If you have a dark skin tone, you can choose a black watch that will look classy and sleek when you wear it. In addition, you can choose navy blue or maroon for other options.

Avoid using a watch with a bright color, because it will make your appearance feel too much. If you prefer watches made of stainless steel, you can choose a watch with a golden istanbul escort color.

The gold color will make your skin tone look more exotic. With this type of model, it will be very easy to combine with various styles.

4. Watches for white skin tone

If you have fair skin, any watch color will match your skin tone. But to make your skin tone brighter, you can choose a lighter-colored watch. If you are a fan of stainless steel watch designs, you can try wearing gold or silver.

Apart from skin color, you can also consider choosing a watch according to the shape of your hand. That way, wearing a watch becomes more comfortable to wear for everyday life.

Proportional hands: The characteristics of hands are of medium size, not too fat or have high skin thickness, and not muscular. This handshape is suitable for wearing any watch model.

Muscular hands: Watches that are suitable for use are models with a slightly larger strap and case sizes. Avoid using watch straps made of stainless steel or chrome and nylon materials that are not so balanced for muscular hands.

Hands with small diameter: They are people who have small and thin bodies. It is recommended to wear a watch with a thin strap and a small case.

Wide and flat hands: To emphasize the shape of this hand, choose a watch made of stainless steel or chrome. Small and large case sizes are suitable for owners of wide and flat hands.

Hands of large diameter and contain: Generally, the hands of large diameter and contain are owned by obese people. Choose a watch with a medium to wide strap with a material that is not thin.

So what watch suits your skin tone?

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