How to choose best dog collar for your dog

Choosing the right dog collars for your dog is an important decision. It can be difficult to find which one is best, but once you do it will make life easier! The first thing to think about when choosing a collar for your dog is what size they are. There are different sizes, and if you don’t know how big they are then just measure them around their neck. If you still aren’t sure, there’s always the option of getting two collars and swapping them out depending current size!

The next thing to think about is the material. There are many different materials for collars, so it’s important you find out which one will suit your dog best.

For dog owners, there’s no better feeling than coming home to their furry friend. But for some of us, the barking doesn’t stop when we walk in the door or makes it difficult to have a conversation with family and friends! Bark collars are a proven way to control excessive barking while also giving your pet dog an opportunity to reduce anxiety if they’re not getting enough attention from you. The key is finding the best type of collar that suits both you and your pup. There are many different types available on our website Perfect Paws but one thing every owner should know is how large their own dogs neck circumference is before ordering so measurements need be taken (this can be done by measuring around the widest part).

  1. Identify your dog’s size
  2. Choose a collar that matches the type of dog you have – e.g., if you have a small, fluffy dog with short hair, choose a soft fabric collar; if you have a large breed with long hair and an undercoat, choose a leather or nylon harness
  3. Consider what type of material will best suit your needs – for example, if your pet is outdoors often but doesn’t wear his/her tags regularly, consider getting one made from heavy-duty plastic or metal 
  4. Pick out something that fits well and is easy to attach securely to their neck
  5. For more information on how to measure for the perfect fit go here 
  6. Make sure it’s comfortable (don’t forget about safety!)

Not all bark collars are equal, so do your research and find the one that best suits your dog’s needs.

Bark Collar Types: There are three types of bark collar – citronella spray, sonic or ultrasonic sound wave energy, shock stimulation. 

Citronella is an insect repellent with no adverse side effects for pets but it does not work on some dogs. 

Ultrasound produces high-pitched sounds inaudible to humans which can be heard by dogs however many animals seem to either become acclimated to this type of correction or just stop responding altogether over time. 

Shock stimulation delivers an electric current through the skin causing muscle contractions. Designed for use when barking becomes habitual rather than situational barking.

Benefits of bark collar –

A bark collar is one of the most humane and effective ways to stop your dog’s nuisance barking. Bark collars are not bad for dogs when they are worn, it emits high-pitched tone that only dog can hear. This high-pitched noise will condition them to associate their barking with an unpleasant sound so they learn not to make unwanted sounds in the future!

Benefits: * Provides relief from incessant barking* Emits a harmless (to humans) but irritating stimulus* Conditions pets into associating noises with negative consequences* Is noninvasive and painless – no need for injections or surgery

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