How to Convert MBOX Emails to PST Files for Free?

Many users, however, require access to their MBOX mailboxes in Microsoft Outlook for professional reasons. MS Outlook has a number of features that are appropriate for business use. Furthermore, the Outlook email client is thought to be superior to its MBOX counterparts. They must, however, convert MBOX emails to PST file format in order to access emails in Outlook.

Many email clients, including Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Powermail, SeaMonkey, and others, support the MBOX file format. It’s actually a group of formats that includes mbx, mbox, and mbs. A professional tool is MBOX to PST Converter for the best and quick conversion.

Why do People Prefer MS Outlook to MBOX email clients?

Before beginning the conversion, it’s important to understand the benefits to convert MBOX emails to PST:

PST can handle a variety of data types.

Because of its simple format, MBOX is only suitable for email messages. Emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, and other mailbox items can store in the PST format.

Format for advanced users

For storing mailbox data in a systematic manner, the PST format is very advanced. However, the MBOX format is very simple, and emails are saved in a text file in sequential order.

Exchange accounts are supported by Outlook.

MS Outlook is built to work with Exchange. As a result, it works with all versions of Exchange, including Exchange 2019, as well as all Office 365/Microsoft 365 plans. Outlook also allows you to work in offline mode.

Better security features and more control

Outlook gives users more control over their emails and attachments, including anti-spam, password protection, and other advanced security features.

Convert MBOX Emails to PST in an Automated Way

The manual method indicates that it is a lengthy, multi-stage process that can only complete by a user who is familiar with both the MBOX email client and Microsoft Outlook. Furthermore, all of the above manual procedures require at least two email clients to install on the applications, and they lack filters to selectively migrate data from one format to another. For ordinary users, using a professional MBOX to PST converter is a good option. EmailDoctor for MBOX to PST Converter makes it simple to export data from MBOX to Outlook. It allows the user to filter data using various criteria such as To, From, Subject, Date, and Attachment. In addition, the MBOX to PST converter can convert up to 25 items per folder into PST format for free.

MBOX to PST Converter Benefits

MBOX to PST conversion is simple and takes only three steps.

  • For the need-based conversion, advanced filtering options are available.
  • For all MBOX email clients, the conversion process is the same.
  • Support for more than 20 MBOX email clients and versions
  • Gmail backup files in MBOX format are supportable.
  • Assistance and troubleshooting are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Due to the advanced features and options integrated within Outlook, users prefer to migrate their existing MBOX data to Outlook over MBOX-supported email clients. The blog includes detailed process explanations for free manual methods such as EML drag/drop and multi-staged export of MBOX files through multiple email clients such as Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and others.

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