How to Convert OpenCart Website to Android and iOS App!

If you have an online OpenCart shop, you probably have crossed the thoughts of having Mobile Apps. Mobile Apps stand for the brand image and play an important role in the success of any business. 

For example, major players like Amazon got most of their traffic through Mobile Apps. The same encourages online businesses to take their online business into the Apps. 

In this article, we are going to discuss how can OpenCart merchants turn their websites into Opencart Mobile app. 

With Coding and Technical Skills of OpenCart Mobile App:

So, simply there are two ways of converting Websites into apps. The first one leads to technical doings. Following this way, you will need to hire Android, iOS, and Web Developers. The apps will be connected to the OpenCart store using API-level integrations. Thus, along with App Developers, PHP Web Developers are also going to play important role in the task. 

Moreover, you are going to hire different developers for both Android and iOS Mobile App Development. Not only the languages used for iOS App Development are different from Android Apps. But also, the coding structure shows a bit of variation from each other. 

However, if you are planning to hire a single developer for both Android and iOS apps, there are modern and advanced solutions available in the market. For instance, using Flutter, you will not have to re-write the code for the iOS Mobile Apps. Moreover, the same code is going to work for both Android and iOS Mobile Apps. 

Also, It consists of easy to use layout which allows the store admin to perform changes in the eCommerce mobile app with ease. It will eventually lead to high customer loyalty and trust which will help your eCommerce business to grow easily. 

At Knowband, we also offer Android and iOS App development services on advanced technologies. If you are looking for an affordable eCommerce Mobile App solution, feel free to contact us. 

OpenCart Android and iOS Mobile App Builder:

OpenCart Mobile app Builder

On the other hand, if you are looking for a no-code OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App solution. Knowband OpenCart Android and iOS Mobile App allow OpenCart merchants to get their apps live without writing a single line of code. 

Not only OpenCart Android App Builder allows the creation of customizable Mobile Apps. But also, the OpenCart eCommerce shop admins can make changes in the layouts of the apps even after uploading the Mobile Apps. 

The OpenCart eCommerce Mobile App builder provides a list of significant App features to both Admins as well as users. Here are some of the top-rated Mobile App features, offered by Knowband OpenCart App Maker.

Top 5 Admin-Level Features:

OpenCart Mobile App Creator

Multi-Promotional Options:

The OpenCart online retailers can run various promotional campaigns through the Android and iOS Apps. Furthermore, you can change the App layout whenever you need it with the help of simple-to-use design components. So, the store admin doesn’t have to deal with coding difficulties in order to perform any changes in the mobile app. 

Deep Linking:

Deep linking plays an important part to make your Mobile App reliable. Now, with the help of Knowband no code OpenCart Mobile App Builder, the customers can directly land on the product pages with the shared links. 

Push Notifications:

Push notifications are the modern way of promotions. Also, reports indicate that push notifications have more user engagement rate compared to other marketing campaigns. 

Now OpenCart online retailers can send customized push notifications to their Android and iOS Mobile App users. Simply they can add subject lines, custom messages, image links, and redirect activity from the OpenCart Mobile App Builder extension back-end. 

Push notification is also considered a proven way to attract customers’ attention and make them shop more from your mobile app. 

Payment and Shipping Methods Support:

Android and iOS Mobile Apps developed with OpenCart App maker, support all sorts of shipping and payment methods. Not only does the Mobile App provide the following functionality by default. But even allows the users to experience faster checkout in the Mobile Apps. 

One-Time Payment:

Unlike other extensions in the market, Knowband OpenCart Mobile App Builder Plugin provides a single-time payment option to the sellers. If you are willing to launch Android and iOS Mobile Apps and are afraid of paying monthly charges, we got your back with a one-time payment option.

Top 5 Benefits to the App Users:

OpenCart Android and iOS Mobile Apps

Multi-Lingual and RTL Support:

OpenCart Android and iOS Mobile App work in any language your customers want to use. So, let’s sit back and relax and let your customers explore the apps in their native languages. 

Not only all sorts of languages are supported but the app also comes with compatibility with the RTL system. For example, App users from Arabic countries can hover over the Android and iOS App features at their convenience. 

WhatsApp Chat Support:

The Android and iOS Mobile Apps for OpenCart provide a dedicated WhatsApp chat option to the customers. 

Moreover, in case of any queries, the app users can directly interact with the store admins just by tapping on the WhatsApp icon.

Social Login Options:

Mobile Apps created with the Knowband OpenCart Mobile App plugin are going to provide the smoothest login experience ever to the users. 

Not only the app users can use their fingerprints for logins but they also use social login options such as Google, Facebook, and Apple for an easy checkout process. 

Moreover, the customers have the option to share their favorite products on social media websites. this will result in improving the brand’s reputation in front of customers. 

Automated Location Detection:

Following is one of the top-ranked features that every eCommerce Mobile App should have. 

Likewise, OpenCart Android and iOS Mobile Apps offer automated location detection features for the sellers. For instance, using the same the users can find their shipping address automatically filled. Also, Mobile Apps automatically fetch other essential app activities such as Phone code detection and pin code detection. All thanks to the location APIs. 

Fastest Loading Experience:

User experience is what attracts users to visit any Mobile App again and again. Considering the following point on top, we have ensured a rich app experience for the users in the app development. 

Faster loading speed helps in retaining customers in the Android and iOS app for a longer period of time. It will improve the customer’s journey and help in increasing the ROI of the eCommerce business. 

In other words, the Android and iOS Mobile Apps for OpenCart are written in the most advanced Flutter technology. En özel ve reel kızlar antalya escort | İstanbul Escort Bayan sizleri bu platformda bekliyor. So, if you are willing to launch mobile apps for your OpenCart store which are richly loaded with features as well as experience. Knowband OpenCart Android App Builder is the perfect solution for your findings. 

Short Summary:

Having Mobile Apps along with any eCommerce website, not only increases customer trust but also enhances brand reputation. 

Moreover, if you start building your apps from scratch, it will surely take almost half and year. On the other hand, with the help of the OpenCart Mobile App plugin, admins can get their apps live within 3-5 business days.

On top of that, our tech team assists shoulder-to-shoulder from app creation to making the apps live in the stores. 

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