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How to Design an Eye-Catching Menu Card?

When a customer enters your restaurant, the first thing a customer sees is your menu card. So, your restaurant menu card should be visually appealing and user-friendly.

So, how are you going to design a visually appealing card? You are going to do it with the help of menu printing and designing professionals.

Before you design your card, you should know who is your audience? What is their taste in food? What they will like or what they want the most? And how are you going to satisfy them through your services?

So, how are you going to answer the above questions?  Don’t worry. This article will help you in answering these questions.

At the end of this article, you’ll be able to make a menu card that will make your customer buy more, also make them come to your place again and consequently, it will spread positive word of mouth.

The following article will give you the secret ingredients of making a good menu design!


Place Your Profitable Items in Righty Place

How do you read a menu card? The same way you read a book!

But in the past, designers thought that when the customers first read the menu, their eyes first land on the top right corner area to read. So, they decided to add the most profitable item there. But this old research is wrong.

New research says that we read the menu the same way we read a book.

So, now designers are placing essential food items according to the new research.


Place Items in the Menu into Sections

It will be a plus point to make a section of each type of food you are offering, making it easy for customers to find the food items they want, without wasting time to find out the specific food.

Also, organize your sections according to the order of meal courses, like first add the appetizer section, then the main course and then add desert.


Be Caution in Using Photos

Why I am saying, this is because most high-end restaurants avoid using photos in their menu. As these are luxurious restaurants, we are sure that the food of these restaurants is of good quality and their menu printing and designing is done by professional.

Also, when you try a new item by looking at the photo on the menu, surprisingly, you didn’t like the food. Sometimes, the food in the picture does not taste good. So, restaurant owners avoid using photos, or if they want to add, they add one or two or very few images.

Thus, we can derive that adding pictures to the menu is unnecessary, but if you want to add images, you can add them.


Currency Signs

Studies have shown that customers are likely to spend more when you remove currency signs from the menu. So, you customer can enjoy their food without worrying about the charges of the food items.


Add Content in the Boxes

When you give a boundary or write content in the boxes, the reader reads the content in the box with more focus.

In these boxes, you can add special items, deals or you can add profitable cuisines.

Also, these boxes help in organizing the design of the menu.



Have you ever noticed when older people or sometimes adults come to your place, they squint their eyes while reading the menu card? This results in discomfort and frustration in customers, and they remain unsatisfied throughout their dining.

So, typography plays a vital role in satisfying customer needs.

The font size should not be too large and too small. Also, the typography that you are going to use should be readable and should complement your brand.

Mostly three fonts are used to differentiate the heading, name of the food item, and further description of the item. This differentiation of fonts will help in guiding your customer to read the menu card.


Use of Appropriate Colors

Color psychology is critical because it has a significant impact on our emotions.

The colors you choose in designing your menu card should complement your restaurant style and the food items you are providing.


Choose a Good Quality Paper

Menu cards printed on a white paper are mainly used because it is more attention-grabbing than other colors and you can use any color for the background.

Also, use glossy paper; it will last longer and give a shiny and clean appearance.


Press Proof

Before you go for menu printing in bulk, firstly print the sample. This sample will help you analyze the design like font, font size, font color, background theme, adding or removing images and illustrations, etc.

This sample print will save your time and the large sum of money you will waste.


Laminate Your Menu

A laminated menu printing is cleaner, lighter, and looks professional than a cover book menu. They are also resistant to water and splashes of food, and there is less need to frequently changing the menu cards.



A new menu printing design plays an essential role in attracting new customers and making your old customers loyal, and also it increases your sales.

Therefore, treat your menu as a marketing tool as it is helping in creating brand awareness among the people.

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