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How to develop the Curb clone and revolutionize the global transport industry?

In the world where everyone talks about the domination of the ride-hailing giant, Uber in the market, we miss analyzing its competitors. Curb is the leading taxi-booking application in the America with operations in 65 cities. It has a fleet of 50,000 cabs and more than 100,000 drivers. 

Curb charges its fares based on the demand and supply of taxis and also takes factors like distance, time, traffic, weather conditions, and type of vehicle into consideration. It also competes heavily with Uber Pool’s ride-sharing service.

Entrepreneurs aiming to modernize the existing transportation industry can build a top-notch Taxi booking app like Curb. They can reach out to a knowledgeable app development company in the market. Well-operating Android and iOS apps for the customers and the drivers will be created. It also includes an advanced web panel  and a state-of-the-art admin dashboard to control the day-to-day business operations. 

The unique features of the on-demand taxi app like Curb clone are

A transparent pricing tool – The information about the taxi fare is available instantly to the passengers when they book their cabs to travel from one location to another. The total rate includes the base fare, taxes, tips, and tolls. This is a viable alternative to the old-fashioned taxi meters that can lead to issues like overcharging.

Contactless payment options – As a substitute for paying with cash and credit cards, contactless payment facilities are available by utilizing advanced e-wallets, QR code scanning option, and PayPal.

A scheduling facility – The users can reserve taxis up to 24 hours in advance to ensure a safe travel experience without any delays.

An integrated referral program – Attractive referral codes are available in the on-demand taxi booking app like Curb. The customers can share it with their family members and friends. This can be utilized regularly to get benefits like extra discounts, cashback, and reward points.

A social media login option – Apart from allowing the new users to sign up via email addresses and phone numbers, a quick registration is facilitated by entering details of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Live tracking of cabs – The customers can track the movement of the drivers and taxis through GPS integration with Apple Maps and Google Maps. 

Access to trip history – The details of the previous rides taken by the passengers are stored securely on the on-demand taxi app and can be viewed by them anytime. 

Provision of 24×7 customer support – The travellers can ensure their safety by reaching out to the help centre 24×7. The support team is available round-the-clock via chat, email, and phone.

How does the Curb clone function?

  • The users register on the on-demand taxi booking app like Curb by submitting the required information.
  • The drivers create their profiles on the Curb clone app. They upload the required documents and undergo background checks and identity verification. 
  • The admin approves the accounts and profiles of both customers and drivers after scrutinizing their data.
  • The passengers switch on the location in their devices for booking a cab to a specific destination. The GPS option ensures accurate pick-up of the users by the drivers. 
  • The travellers can click either the “Request Taxi” option or the “Schedule Taxi” option. 
  • The drivers arrive at the customers’ location, pick up the passengers and the ride starts. 
  • The driver reaches the required destination and completes the ride.
  • The users can easily make the payment online to the drivers through online modes by utilizing the “Pair and Pay” button.
  • The customers can rate the quality of the travel experience and professionalism of the cabbies on a scale of 1-5.

What are the different facets that decide the cost of Curb clone?

The extent of cross-platform compatibility – as the Curb clone app will function seamlessly on Android, iOS, macOS, Web, and Windows operating platforms.

The time that is allocated for the development – for creating a taxi booking app similar to Curb. It can take a few weeks or some months depending on the business requirements and operational scope.

The tech stack used for designing the front-end and back-end of an app like Curb. It includes programming languages like HTML5 and JavaScript, data storage through MongoDB and MySQL, and cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud.

The level of customization – required by the business firm as it would want to display its brand name, colour theme, and logo in the on-demand taxi app like Curb.

The hourly rate paid to the developers – for availing of their services. It differs according to their location, market conditions, qualifications, and skills. 

The nature of features (basic and advanced) – included in the on-demand taxi booking app like Curb for accepting both ride-hailing and ride-sharing requests of the travellers. 

Analyzing the business model of the Curb clone like on-demand taxi app

  • Initial registration fee from the drivers for listing their services on the on-demand taxi booking app like Curb.
  • Trip fees from each traveller depending on the total distance and time of their rides.
  • Publishing targeted advertisements related to automobiles and travel. The income depends on the number of clicks, impressions, and views.
  • A small transaction processing fee from passengers for using the in-built payment gateway.
  • Booking cancellation charges for cancellation of cabs since it takes some time for drivers to find a new ride.
  • Surge pricing by charging a higher fare in times of peak demand and during holidays. 
  • A leasing fee imposed on the drivers for the rented cabs provided by the entrepreneur.
  • The major costs incurred in an on-demand taxi app like Curb by the entrepreneur are on paying commission to the drivers, fuel, vehicle maintenance, and implementing digital marketing campaigns across various communication channels. 

Final Thoughts

Despite being a late player to enter the American market, Curb is rapidly growing its market share in the industry every day and giving Uber a run for its money. Entrepreneurs will be an integral part of the global taxi-booking app market. It is expected to generate a humongous revenue of $318.765 billion in 2023 and also grow by 9.22% every year. Hence, get started with game-changing taxi booking app development like Curb now.

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