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Digital Marketing

How to do marketing on Facebook

We are talking about active users on Facebook only in Uk!  More than 35 million people on Facebook don’t just look for old friends to organize a reunion. People on Facebook today are informed, ask questions, look for products, services, news …


And how many customers are “hiding” among the 35 million users?


In 2019, Facebook’s overall turnover was $ 70 billion (an increase of approximately 27% compared to 2018); net earnings were approximately $ 18.4 billion. Advertisements are almost the totality of all revenue (98% of revenue). And if so many entrepreneurs around the world entrust their investments to Facebook, it must be absolutely worth it!

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So what better way to increase your brand awareness?


Let’s go into the heart of this Marketing tool. In all these years of activity, Facebook has been able to build a targeting algorithm for its users.


Targeting that for example allows to identify men and women, families rather than singles, employed rather than students; allows you to discover the interests of users, thanks to the choices declared at the time of registration or browsing habits. And this data is important in identifying an audience interested in your product. Here is the Facebook tool to create advertising campaigns that can be really useful, as long as you know how to use it with care.

Yes, because if on the one hand, Facebook Ads is easy and intuitive, on the other it is not a guarantee of success. The majority of users know that only a small part of the fans see the posts we publish because the organic reach (the free one) is getting smaller and smaller; even less than 10%, especially when the Fan Base is very small, under 1000 Fans.


This means that if I have 300 fans, my posts will see them on average in 30 or less.


Unless that post of mine is shared by other users and does not get several “likes” … However, Facebook’s strategy is clear: if you want to increase your visibility, you have to pay. That is, you must use Facebook Ads. Investing large sums is no guarantee of greater results. First of all, you need to know how to use this tool.


First of all, identify your target. Our message, in no way, can be addressed to everyone, but it must be chosen with care and we can do it knowing well the characteristics of our product.


To be clear: if I sell fountain pens it is difficult to imagine that among teenagers I will be able to increase sales significantly.


Useful tips

The first, obvious, thing to do is to create a company page on the most famous social networks. It may sound trivial, but a company page is NOT a personal profile.

Using your personal Facebook profile to promote your products or services is not only a risk because Facebook could penalize you but it is above all not very useful from a promotional perspective. If you are still wondering how to do marketing on Facebook, the first thing you need is a company page,  which you can create through your personal profile or by relying on a person you trust.


The next key thing to do is to take care of it professionally, possibly “putting your face to it”. We will return to this point.

Even before the content, it is important to fill your company FB page with all the most important information about your business.


Consider it a bit like the “About Us” page of your company website, a fundamental page that is too often underestimated. I talked about it in the article ” The 4 (+1) most important pages of your site, really exploit them “.


A lot of people visit it, so pay close attention to cure it with perseverance to make the information on the possible concise and effective.


Facebook is NOT free

Beyond the advertising campaigns that have infinite possibilities and price combinations, Facebook, for those who want to do business, is not free.


I’m talking about time, even before money: the time it takes you or your collaborators to manage a page, draw up an editorial plan, create valuable content, respond to comments, questions … And no, “5 minutes are not enough, what does it take … ”


Here are the most powerful weapons for marketing on Facebook

In addition to the helpful tips you’ve read so far, if I were to spot the most powerful weapons for marketing on Facebook, I’d have no doubts.


Draw up a marketing plan on Facebook

Intrigue your audience

That’s right: before you do anything, you need to identify your target, your goal, and your budget to achieve it. In short, a sort of marketing plan for Facebook.


I know what you are thinking: Facebook, like other social networks and other tools, is part of an overall marketing plan. My advice, however, is not to hurriedly dismiss it under the heading “marketing on social media” by allocating a more or less plausible figure.


Facebook can make a difference in the web marketing strategy of your business, but be careful. Without having this data clear, your plan will be based on clay and it will be difficult to understand.

Another thing to do is to tickle your fans’ curiosity with original posts with valuable and relevant content.

Alternate “emotional” content with “useful”, informative content. If you have come to this conclusion, contact us without obligation to structure a social campaign.

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