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How to draw a cat sitting with a pencil.

How to draw a cat sitting with a pencil.

Here’s how to draw a sitting cat with a pencil with video and step-by-step drawing instructions. Cat Drawing Tutorial for Beginners and Kids.

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You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below.

Step 1

For the first step in this cat drawing tutorial, you may want to draw a circle with a pencil. Using a drawing compass to draw a perfect circle can be helpful if you are having trouble doing it independently. This circle will serve as a guide for you as you begin to sketch. cat sitting  Once you have the circle, carefully draw the starting lines that make up your cat’s drawing head, using the reference image as a guide. If you are having trouble sketching, you can also use a pencil to do this part and then use a pen to rewrite this part if you feel satisfied.

Step 2

Now that you have the cat drawing in mind, you can delete the pencil circle you created as a guide. If you’ve used a rewrite, make sure the ink is dry before wiping the pencil!

Step 3

We’ve completed the first part of your cat’s drawing, so we’ll cover the ears now. In front of the right ear, draw a slightly curved triangle without the bottom that connects to the space left in the contour of your head. Draw another triangle inside. Then make a curved ear shape for the left ear as shown in the reference picture, and then pull in.

Step 4

Now the head sketch for your cat’s drawing is complete, and then we will draw the cat’s first chest and legs. Carefully draw a curved line to make the breasts as shown in the references. Draw a straight line for the leg and make a curve for the foot. Finally, you need to draw another line that goes over the foot to form the other side of the leg. This part can be complicated, so make sure you look at the reference images carefully!

Step 5

For the next step in this cat tutorial, you will need to add a zig-zag style line over your stretched left leg. You will then stretch the right leg, which looks almost identical to the left leg, except for the fact that it extends from the right side upwards.

Step 6

Now you are very close to drawing your cat, so for this next step, you have to draw a curved line from the neck. This is another step where you need to follow the reference image closely as a guide. Once you pull back, you can join the two hind legs shown in the picture. Don’t forget to include the Monday split!

Step 7

For this next step, you can inhale to create a curved sausage shape. Once you inhale, all that remains is to draw a curved line from the hind paw to form the cat’s paw. With this step, your cat’s drawing is almost ready!

Step 8

You are almost at the end of your journey to learn to scare the cat, but your cat drawing needs a face! You can start by pulling the nose down with a wide smiling cat’s mouth, as you can see in the reference picture. Finally, we will add eyes. The eyes in the reference picture consist of a series of circles connected by different lashes. You can draw it this way or if you find it difficult, you can use two circles with one dot in each for a simpler but less fun look!

Step 9

The last step in learning how to draw a cat is one of the most fun, and it comes with some color! We give you an example of a way you can color your cats for our latest reference, but this is where you need to let your creativity flow!l

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