How To Embrace E Commerce Change Post COVID-19 With SEO?

As the countries have reopened post lockdown, many questions are haunting the business sector’s minds. Whether the behavior of the consumers will change? Will the second wave of COVID-19 cripple the business owners’ efforts and take them back to lockdown again? What is the recovery strategy when none is aware of what ‘recovery’ should be apt to deal with the pandemic?  Amidst such uncertainty, it is for sure that businesses need to look for a solution to collect and evaluate the data and respond swiftly to the current situation. Irrespective of the industry your business belongs to, the kind of eCommerce seo business strategy and responsiveness that you expect from your website can only be offered by SEO. 

After the COVID-19 had hit the entire universe, eCommerce businesses’ demand suddenly underwent an unexpected rise. To help you with the current situation, you can avail yourself of Brainvire’s eCommerce SEO services. Since consumer behavior plays a vital role in search engine optimization, let us see how eCommerce businesses need to adapt their sites post COVID-19. 

Current situation of consumer behavior and eCommerce 

Once the pandemic set its foot on the world, the economy of the world has fallen. Consumers are trying to maintain their expenses, especially in household supplies, groceries, entertainment, and personal care. Online ordering through contactless delivery has become the most effective way for businesses to sustain this ‘new normal.’ 

How can SEO help eCommerce businesses succeed in the pandemic?

Let us focus on how SEO eCommerce businesses can rise to the top amidst the COVID-19. 

  • Get actual insight with the help of SEO 

The actual search insights allow customers to check out the local eCommerce businesses. Also, as an eCommerce business owner, you can take a look at the demands of the people and their intentions. The primary task of SEO insight is to provide you with clear-cut data of the customers’ search queries, site analytics, local search results, and many more. 

  • SEO enhances both desktop and mobile experience

Indeed, you won’t find customers coming to query about a restaurant while returning from the office amidst this pandemic situation. But this does not reduce the benefit of mobile-friendliness on eCommerce websites. As noted by Google, in mobile marketing, speed is the key. So if the customers stay at home, this does not always mean they will switch on the desktop. 

  • Search trends are the fundamental aspect to stay on top of customer expectations

None thought a year back that a pandemic is going to lock us all inside our homes. Now that you know about contactless delivery, many may still not feel comfortable visiting the stores. You can pay attention to the Coronavirus Trends of Google Trends. If you want to serve your customers better, follow the changes in consumer behavior and demands. 

  • Search expands to Amazon, Google, YouTube, and more 

53.5% of the website’s traffic is gathered from organic searches. Although Amazon had shifted its services to third-party sellers, with the rise in a global pandemic, it may again have to expand its eCommerce presence and bring it to the largest marketplace in the world. Another creative opportunity for you to expand your business is to allow customers to opt for video searches if you are selling online. Presently, YouTube SEO is on the rise. It considers keywords hitting the sentiment, watching time, channel authority, engagement, and many more. 

SEO tips for eCommerce post-COVID 

If you are a newbie or a pro in eCommerce marketing, you may have to face some new kind of customers about whom you were not aware even before the pandemic. Take a quick look at some of the few tips that will help you provide the right content to the right people: 

  • Take a look at the best SEO practices for eCommerce 

Post COVID-19, you have to renew the targeted keyword searches, develop your site’s structure, upgrade on-page optimization to cater to the changing customer behavior and provide new exciting content. Make sure whatever you are uploading is trendy enough to grab the attention of the customers. 

  • Optimize the eCommerce website for voice search 

When customers use voice assistance to inquire about a product that you sell, you have to be able to respond to them instantly. 

  • Use SEO intelligently 

Make use of intelligent automation to improve the performance of customer searches. This will help you recognize and optimize the opportunities in reality. 

  • Pay attention to headless commerce and content options

Incorporate headless eCommerce into your SEO strategy and make your content and products more accessible, and remove obstructions from the process of conversion. 


So, whatever be the situation post-COVID-19, the show must go on. Nothing can be better than incorporating SEO strategies to carry your eCommerce business forward and cater to the changing demands of the customers. 

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