How to Export Google Contacts CSV to VCF File ?

Are you looking to export the Google contacts CSV to VCF format ? Do you want to export the old and new Google contacts into VCF format in a hassle-free manner?

If you have been looking for an effortless solution to convert CSV file to VCF extensions then you have come to the right platform!

Hence, you don’t have to worry.

In this blog, you will learn the methods that would help in an easy and simple way of converting Google Contacts CSV file into VCF.

Methods to Export Google Contacts CSV to VCF File

The following are the different methods to convert multiple google contacts to VCF files:

  1.  Manual Method
  2.  Automated Method

Manual Method

The manual method helps to get the conversion of Google Contacts into VCF just by using human efforts and does not cost anything.

It is to be noted that VCF is alternatively known as vCard.

The following are the steps of the manual method to convert CSV file to VCF:

  • Open the Gmail account. This has been shown in Figure A.

Google contacts CSV to VCF

  • Click on the grid located on the top right corner of the Gmail account and then select the ‘Contacts’ from the available options.

Google Contacts

  • Now, you can select the contacts as desired and then select the ‘Export’ option on the left side followed by choosing the ‘Contact’ option.

Alternatively, you may just select the ‘Export’ option directly if you don’t want to select the specific contacts.

  • Select the export as ‘vCard’ which is an alternative name for VCF.

export as vCard

Click on the ‘Export’ button and the contacts would get downloaded into VCF file format as desired.

Limitations of the Manual Method

  • A non-technical user will face difficulty while performing the manual steps for converting Google Contacts to VCF file format.
  • If there is any human error then the process would have to be started again.

The alternative solution to the manual method is the automated method as ‘Excel to VCF File Converter’ tool.

Automated Method to Convert CSV file to VCF

Best Excel to vCard Converter tool is the trusted and reliable tool that allows you to export Google contacts CSV to VCF file in a hassle freeway.

The following are the benefits of using the automated method:

  1. It helps to load and preview heavy excel files. The file extensions supported by the tool are XLS, XLSX, XLT, XLSM, XLSB, XLTX, and many more.
  2. The converter software allows converting the multiple contacts from the Excel spreadsheet to vCard format (VCF) at once.
  3. You can export the Excel Contacts data into vCard 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0 versions as per your preference or requirement.
  4. The software is capable to convert multiple Google contacts to VCF files( tested on 40,000 contact files. )
  5. The tool allows the creation of a single vCard file for the consolidated contacts list present in the selected Excel spreadsheet or alternatively known as Google Contacts CSV.

The following are the steps to Export Google Contacts CSV to VCF file:

  • Install and Launch the tool from its official website to convert CSV file to VCF file.

Best Excel to VCF Converter

  • In the opened software window, click on the ‘Browse’ button in order to select the Excel file containing the contacts list. The software would display the window from where you can select the desired MS Excel file and then click on the ‘Open’ button.

Locate CSV files

  • After selecting the MS Excel file, now, it will be displayed on the software window screen.

Software Window Screen

  • Now, click on the ‘Next’ button to proceed further with the conversion process. In the opened window, match the Excel fields with vCard fields. Choose a field from the Excel fields and then the corresponding field from the vCard fields.
  • After matching the Excel fields with vCard fields, then click on the ‘Add’ button. A list of matching attributes would be shown in the software. Now, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Under the export option, you may checkmark on ‘Allow Empty Email address to be imported’.

By default single vCard is generated for single contact whereas you may checkmark for ‘Single vCard File for All Contacts’. You may choose any of the versions of vCard which are 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0.

  • You can save the resultant vCard files by selecting the ‘Change’ button. Now browse and select the folder where the resultant vCard file can be saved. Then, click on ‘OK’.

save VCF files

  • Click on the ‘Convert’ button to export Google contacts CSV to VCF file extension.

convert CSV file to VCF

  • Now, the Excel sheet would be converted into vCard contacts.
  • Once, the conversion process is complete then a message box appears as ‘The Contacts have been exported successfully to vCard file. Would you like to open the folder containing the vCard file?’

Click on the ‘Yes’ button to view the resultant vCard files.

Final Thoughts on How to Export Google Contacts CSV to VCF File

In the above blog, a brief introduction and the suitable methods to convert CSV file to VCF have been discussed. There are manual methods as well as automated methods.

The manual method can be difficult for non-technical users whereas the automated method can help to convert multiple Google contacts to VCF files with desired results in a hassle-free manner.

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