How To Fix Canon Support Code Error 5100?

Canon Support Code 5100: Are you unable to use your canon printer just because every time you try to print, it says that error 5100 is encountered? Well, you are not the only one, users often complain of the error 5100 which makes the printer useless for the users if they are unable to get rid of the error. While there can be multiple reasons behind this particular error, but it is not difficult to get rid of it once you realize the reason behind it. Here, I am going to list the major reasons behind error code 5100. Check if you have any of these and later once you realize the reason, it will be a cakewalk to get rid of it.


Possible reasons behind canon support code 5100

This particular error shows the presence of a foreign object in your printer which can be anything. So make the checks listed below.

  • There might be a possibility of jammed papers inside the printer which are not letting the free flow of any more sheets into the printer.
  • The ink tank is not properly set into the printer though it might look like it is. But it may be not, which in turn will create obstruction in the movement of the ink tank.
  • Some material that the company uses to pack the printer might have been left inside the printer when you packed it. It might be the one to show the error 5100.
  • Dust and debris might be inside the printer which is creating some obstructions.
  • Ink leakage on the strips inside the printer might be one of the reasons as well.

The reason behind you getting canon support code 5100 will be possible from the ones listed above. Now here is the solution to it.

How to get rid of canon support 5100

  • Check your printer thoroughly from the inside out and see if there is any paper stuck. If yes, very slowly and safely try to get the paper out. This needs to be done very carefully otherwise you might end up damaging the hardware of the printer.
  • Take out the ink cartridge of your printer. See if there is anything stuck behind it. Now very carefully insert the cartridge in the proper manner.
  • Remove all the packaging material from the printer that the company sent it with. It is of no use now.
  • Clean the strips below the ink cartridge to get rid of the leaked ink just in case you have that. Remember to use soft tissue paper and easy hand while doing so.
  • For thorough cleaning, if nothing above works, Take out a soft piece of cloth. Remove all the sheets from the printer and now literally clean the printer including the paper tray, the cartridge area, and everything around that to clean the dust and debris.

Once you are done doing everything that is mentioned above, your error will be gone. gaziantep escort bayan Switch on your printer. Put some sheets in the paper tray and now check it for the last time. It should work now. If you still face the issue, don’t mind calling the customer support center of canon printers. They might help you further. But I believe you won’t need to call as the steps above will solve the issue of error 5100 in canon printers.

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