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How To Get More Website Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest has grown from an inspiring, creative and aesthetic social media platform to a marketing tool for businesses and brands across the globe.  Despite the fact that it started as an application fit for only a certain niche, it has now grown to cater to the needs of different niches and has a global usership.

People don’t just opt for Pinterest because they are convinced that they will generate traffic from the platform. It is because Pinterest has made it so very easy for marketers to expand their market and the tools they offer are so easy even amateurs can run their own Pinterest accounts successfully. 

social media marketing strategy to increase the website traffic generated by Pinterest. 

#1- Use relevant keywords for pin headings and board names

As a business or a brand expecting to grow your market online, you must understand the imperative nature of keywords. The niche of your business or brand is bound to have a number of keywords that your website targets. This enables you to increase your visibility online and as a result, helps you reach more people. 

Similarly, when you use strong and relevant keywords for the pin headings and board names, you are only bound to increase your visibility on the platform. This increased visibility will help you in getting more traffic as more and more people will be able to visit your website. 

#2-Create content directing towards relevant resources

As a result of an update in the Pinterest algorithm, it was discovered that pins that direct the audience to relevant landing pages or other resources are more likely to feature on people’s feed.

For example, imagine you have created a pin about the genres of music that is both aesthetic and informative. When the time comes to add a link to redirect your viewers to its blog or product page, you don’t have a relevant link address. This will obstruct your pin and content from reaching the right audience and will not lead to generation of website traffic.

#3- Join group boards and increase repins

One of the easiest ways and something most social media marketers take for granted is connecting with fellow creators. While you may think of your fellow niche creators as competitors, they are not just that. The community allows you to connect with like minded people and through this you can share your website with the Group Board quite commonly found on the platform. 

Another thing that can be done is focusing on increasing the number of repins. This will allow your pins and boards to reach your target audience more easily as you’ll be recommended to more and more people and thus will eventually lead to an increase in website traffic. 

In conclusion

In this article we discussed 3 easy tricks you can use to increase website traffic from Pinterest. Understanding the technical nature of social media marketing can be tedious. is a great digital marketing institute in Delhi to learn the inner workings of social media marketing.

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