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How to Increase Brand Awareness: A Guide for Businesses

Around 89% of marketers say that their primary goal is brand awareness. Establishing brand awareness is important for both start-ups and for companies that are already well known in the market. Grabbing the attention of customers is essential for companies to thrive.

If you’re not familiar with marketing, it can be difficult to know how to increase brand awareness. Your ultimate goal is to embed yourself so much into your customer’s purchase habits that they don’t think twice before making a purchase from your company.

Read on for a guide that discusses how to develop brand visibility and provides some of our top branding tips for success.

What’s Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness refers to how familiar your target customer base is with your company/brand and how easily they can recognize it. Brands that have a high amount of brand awareness are referred to as “buzzworthy” or “trending.”

Establishing brand awareness for your company is valuable when growing a brand. It’s especially important when promoting your products in the early stages of your company.

Ways to Build Brand Awareness

There are a variety of small business promotion ideas you can employ that’ll boost your business. Check out some of our favorite branding ideas below.

Use Customer Testimonials to Your Advantage 

Customer reviews are another great tactic for building brand awareness. Including them on your website can do the following things:

  • Drive sales
  • Establish your brand’s credibility
  • Serve as a free, highly-effective ad

One way to incorporate customer testimonials on your website is to display positive mentions about your services or products through a widget. Customers will see positive reviews in real-time on your website, convincing them to make a purchase.

Create a Persona on Social Media

Social media platforms are a great way to connect with your target audience. You can effectively get your message to and connect with new audiences in an easy, cost-effective way.

Additionally, social media channels make it easy for users to share content. Potential customers can see one of your posts and send it to their family and friends. You can effortlessly reach a new audience.

Partner With Established Brands

Big brands have worked hard to achieve how much trust and loyalty they have with their customer base. Explore different partnerships you can establish with big-name brands. Collaborating on social media is a cost-effective option to build relationships with other companies and access their audience.

Incorporate SEO Into All of Your Content 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is another tactic to increase your brand’s awareness. Ranking high in the search engine results pages will increase the credibility of your brand.

Using the most-effective keywords in your campaigns and website copy is key to ensuring this happens. You want the keywords you select to match what your target audience is searching for. The more potential customers search for what’s on your website, the higher you’ll rank on the search engine results pages.

Learn How to Increase Brand Awareness With Our Tips

Learning how to increase brand awareness is vital to the success of your company. Implementing the tactics we discussed are cost-effective ways to boost the awareness of your brand and reach more customers.

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