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How to Install a Return Air Duct in Basement?

When it comes to air ducts, most people don’t know this. Other than the standard air ducts, there are return ducts installed throughout your home that keep air circulating. Therefore, According to Commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Roswell GA services, there are hot and cold spots around your home that need some air balance to keep the atmosphere the same all around. For this, return air duct in basement are helpful and installed along with ductwork.

The function of Return Duct

As you know, air ducts transfer cool or warm air around your home, building a comfortable environment. Thus, That’s how your HVAC system works. However, that’s not all. Moreover, Other than the ductwork, there are return ducts installed. Its primary function is carrying the air back to the furnace or the air handler. It circulates the air back out through supply vents.

Today, most modern systems are usually designed to have one or two returns for the whole system. Although it may be less considering the size of the house, they’re effective. But, this doesn’t mean old houses already have return ducts installed. Therefore, In most cases, you have to do it yourself. Before that, don’t forget to clean and perform air duct sanitizing in Roswell GA carefully to remove all contaminants from air ducts.

Problems Caused if There Are No Return Air Ducts

Here you might have guessed, and if the return ducts aren’t installed, air circulation is affected, resulting in several problems.

  • Poor airflow affects your overall ductwork and HVAC system.
  • Hot and cold spots around the house.
  • Weird odors around your home.
  • Air quality problems in all rooms.
  • Noisy HVAC system.

Best Places to Install Return Ducts

Understandable, the purpose of return ducts is to send the air back into the HVAC system. Your instinct might say to install a return duct with a regular air vent. Although it’s a great idea, it could be a poor choice. According to commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Roswell GA services, return ducts should be installed anywhere except between the kitchen and bathrooms. Now you don’t want to circulate the hot moist, or contaminated air around the house. That will only result in a disaster and bad smells.

However, the story in two-floor homes is different. The general rule there is installing return ducts as close to the thermostat as possible. Since the thermostat is installed at a centralized location, monitoring and recording temperature reading of every room is easy. Anyway, most homeowners have return air duct  in basement, which is the most effective place if taken care of properly.

6 Step Installation of Return Air Duct in Basement

Most DIYers have tried installing air ducts, but the return duct’s installation is not that difficult. Here are six easy steps :

1: Finding Where Ducts G

Most homeowners make this simple mistake of not planning the whole idea. It’s better to start with the location you want to start return ducts from and trace down where the duct will go.

According to air duct sanitizing Roswell GA, you might want to cut a hole low in the drywall. It is the place you want your return air grille to go. On the other hand, while trying to cut the new return registers into an existing house, make sure not to cut any pipes or electric wires in the wall.

Next, start making holes appropriate to the size of the grille. Keep making holes until your desired number of holes is ready. There should be at least one hole in every room except the bathroom.

2: Panning for Adding

After step one, go back to the basement after some refreshments and locate all the holes. Start from the furthest hole to install return air, panning backward to where the furnace is. Carefully nail the panning to the ceiling joists. Next, from the furthest hole, nick the pan to bend up and fit in place, closing off any space left.

Halts are all panning in the joist at the same point, there are hot and cold spots around your home that need some air balance to keep the atmosphere the same all around. For this, return air duct in a basement are helpful and installed along with ductwork near the furnace. Nick this side too and take it up to the floor. Next, cut the holes in the pan to get the return air throughout the house back to the furnace. The holes should line perpendicular to the joists for a clean set-up.

3: Enclose the New Return Ductwork

Services like commercial air duct and dryer vent cleaning Roswell GA tell us to enclose return ductwork carefully. While installing the return air duct, run it, so it covers up all the holes you cut. After that, at the top of the return air ducts, cut holes that match the holes in the panning. It allows air to go into return ducts.

Make a tight seal that connects the return air duct using s-slips and drive cleats to the bottom of the ceiling joists. It’s a good idea to insulate the return air duct with one and a half-inch foil-faced duct wrap, preventing heat gain or loss or air circulation. Don’t forget to use a one inch galvanized hanger stamp to secure the ducts to the ceiling.

4: New Air Return Duct to Furnace

At the end of the return duct next to where the furnace is, cut a hole. That’s the place where another duct, attached, goes down into the furnace. Next, carefully cut a hole inside the furnace, which matches the size of the filter rack.

5: New Air Filter for Filter Rack.

With a silicone caulk, seal all joints after installing your HVAC filter to your rack. Next, see if you need air duct sanitizing Roswell GA for cleaning your new ductwork.

6: Adding Return Air Register Covers

With screws, make sure all your return air registers are secured carefully. Viola, installing your air duct system for return ductwork is ready.

However, As mentioned, Return ducts are the best if installed in places like the basement or attic.

Since they take someplace, they’re added around the house or as needed. Their primary function is to act as an airbus that sends air back to the HVAC system, improving the indoor atmosphere.

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