How To Make Exhaust Louder Top 5 Ways in 2021

Vehicle exhaust produces soothing sound from the combustion engine. Car freaks love that soothing sound of the exhaust. Premium car manufacturers give special attention to how their car will sound. Moreover, some people want more. We have made this article for them to know how to make exhaust louder.

There are tons of ways on how to make exhaust louder. Some ways are easier and others are complicated. Moreover, the result is an overwhelming sound from the vehicle exhaust.

However, we will not discuss all the ways here. To make life easier, we have pointed out some of the easiest ways on how to make exhaust louder. Note that some processes are expensive whereas others are cheap. Now let’s look into details.

Some Of The Best Ways To Make Exhaust More Bangy

Below are some of the most common ways to increase the loudness of your vehicle exhaust. These methods will increase the loudness and make your car look more savage and power intentional.

1. Exhausts Made By Aftermarkets

This is the easiest method of all. You just need to purchase an aftermarket kit and fit it in your vehicle. Aftermarket exhausts increase the airflow of your vehicle’s exhaust making it sound more aggressive.

High-performance exhausts enable the engine to breathe more air. Further, you will get a bump in horsepower for this. Moreover, higher horsepower means your car will run faster along with more aggressive sound from the exhaust.

The built-in stock exhaust maintains several protocols such as maintaining the sound and speed of your vehicle. This is to make sure surrounding pedestrians don’t complain about your car.

However, you are not here to care about them. You need your car to sound much aggressive which will satisfy your ears and give a sheer driving experience. This is the reason most owners upgrade to aftermarket exhausts after they have purchased a new vehicle.

Sure, you will not get the reliability of the stock exhaust. Car manufacturers spend several weeks just to maintain the quality and reliability of the exhaust. Aftermarket exhausts aren’t made by keeping such things in mind. They are focused on performance, speed, and sound by compromising reliability.

Further, you need to do some quick research before fitting an aftermarket exhaust. Notice if it will fit in your vehicle exhaust system.

2. The Cat Back Exhaust

Aftermarket exhausts are the easiest way to increase the loudness of exhaust. But, there are some other ways too on how to make the exhaust louder. The Catback exhaust is an option among the others. Moreover, this is the perfect exhaust for most vehicle drivers.

This exhaust changes the appearance of your vehicle. Moreover, it is a wise investment for your vehicle. Catback exhausts are made up of stainless steel. This ensures perfect durability against rusting. Moreover, you do not need to worry about any toxic chemicals either.

Further, Catback exhausts are eye-catchy. They are very attractive and give a nice amount of horsepower bump. However, you need to modify your vehicle first to get more benefits from this vehicle. You will get improved performance if you have already modified your vehicle.

3. Tip Of Exhaust

You should know that it is expensive to make the exhaust louder. Everyone cannot spend more than $500 for just a slight change in the sound of the exhaust. Therefore, there is a cheap way to do so. You need to get an exhaust tip to make your vehicle’s exhaust sound louder and more aggressive. This is one of the ways on how to make the exhaust louder.

The exhaust tip is the metal that goes inside the exhaust. However, an exhaust tip does not give any bump in horsepower. Further, they will only make your car sound more aggressive.

Moreover, they are inexpensive compared to the aftermarket exhaust replacement system. They cost around $10-$20. You can get the exhaust tip in amazon in that price range. Some tips are much cheaper due to discounts and sale offers too.

The exhaust tip comes in several sizes and colors. However, they will give almost the same output. We recommend you purchase the shiny silver exhaust tip. They will enhance the look of your vehicle too.

4. The Headers

This is also one of the cheapest ways to make your vehicle exhaust sound louder. Moreover, this will improve the exhaust loudness even more if you have already fitted an aftermarket exhaust system.

You may not notice the improvement of sound when your car is stationary. As soon as you press the gas pedal, you will hear the roaring sound from your exhaust.

Headers also increase the horsepower of the vehicle, unlike exhaust tips. They bump up the horsepower to give higher power output. However, you need to replace the stock exhaust and the air intake first.

5. Upgrade To The Muffler

Upgrading the muffler gives you the ultimate bump in sound of your vehicle exhaust system. This is one of the best ways to make the exhaust louder.

There is an averaged sized box underneath your vehicle. That is called the muffler. The muffler is responsible for dampening your vehicle’s roaring sound from the exhaust. Now you know you do not want that muffler because you want to increase the aggressiveness of your vehicle.

However, all mufflers do not dampen the sound of the car’s exhaust. There are tons of aftermarket mufflers to increase the sound of your exhaust. Go and fit one of them!

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There are tons of people who want their vehicles to roar in the crowd. You are one of them so you are here today. Now you know how to make the exhaust louder. Note that there are both expensive and cheaper options for making your vehicle exhaust sound louder.

If you are on a tight budget. Go for the cheaper methods on how to make the exhaust louder. If you are on a high budget, go for the expensive process.

You should check the aftermarket exhaust before buying one. There are tons of exhausts that do not fit with vehicles.

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