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How to make Online Reviews your SEO Weapon?

Whenever a particular art form go into the eyes of public, the first thing it attracts, is the review on this piece of creation. Be it a book, movies, series, painting, theatre, or any such thing. How to make Online 

These reviews are also find on certain online as well as offline business sites or shops.

wherein the managers filter out the good ones to highlight in front of others but do not completely ignore the negative ones. 

As a matter of fact, these negative reviews help us work in a better manner.

on our services so that next time we minimize the negative ones. 

Online world is also not left untouched by these reviews. Any blog or piece of creation that goes online, is definitely reviewe people, who then pen down their experience with the site. 


Seeing the growing importance of reviews for SEO, various strategies and plans have been made as to how to convert these reviews into a weapon for increasing our rank on the search engines. 

Although, different companies have different methods of working with the reviews.

yet there have been certain factors found to be common in all of them. These factors are as follows:

Strategy to Collect in Numbers

The most important thing to understand is that online reviews cannot benefit you unless you get them. The search engines, particularly Google, will observe what people are choosing your business and then providing reviews for it. 

There are certain people who do read content but are not intereste in writing a review for it, unless they have an extremely bad experience with your site.

Therefore, one will have to make conscious efforts in order to collect as many reviews as possible and then later work upon their review management.

It has been observing that 70% of readers did leave a review when asked to do so. In fact, the people who offer guest post services, function focusing on these reviews and then working upon them so as to perfect their content.

Therefore, you must start by first shooting the message for the review at the right time. Whether you follow up by messages, emails, or any other manner, the timing needs to be perfect. 

Don’t just send out the messages immediately after shooting the content, rather take a day or two to do so. Also, it is a better option to send these messages during the day because they can fetch you great responses. 

Strategy to Collect in Numbers

Having done that, ask for reviews, communicating in the clearest manner to your customers. Although you want a detailed review, you will never want to burden your customer with complex questions. 

Therefore, you may keep it short, asking for pros and cons and in-depth responses for the same. A detailed review earns us a greater star rating than the short ones. Now, there may be case that people are not immediately responding to your messages or mail.

in such cases you should keep reminding the customers about the same. Keep following up with your customers, but keep it restricted to two. Also.

remember that nobody is going to review for your company on their own, you will have to ask them to do so.

Accept both Positive and Negative Reviews

Today, keeping a track of the reviews is as important as responding to these reviews and comes as an important step in review management. As a matter of fact, some people declare it to be more important. Google came up with a statement that responding to reviews plays a vital role in SEO. 

This means that you value your customers and their feedback more than anything else. This works to build trust between the business and its customers. Therefore, when you get a review for your business, you must have a plan to address it properly. 

Never respond to a review immediately after receiving it because negative reviews can sometimes lead you to address it in a wrong manner. Therefore, take some time to reply to the reviews because eventually, they are public responses. 


In case of positive reviews thank the customer for the review, be personal with your response and encourage the customer to come back. The way you respond to your reviews says a lot about your business. Therefore, you must know how to excel at it.

The reason why great guest posts earn themselves the tag, is that they work upon these reviews and make changes accordingly, and next time come up with an excellent content for the readers, based upon their demands. 

Choose your Platform Wisely

There are several review platforms available nowadays. While some of them are the general ones, others are focused on a particular niche. When you are choosing your review platform, you will have to decide upon a lot of things. 

Besides, registering on google reviews, Facebook reviews and the like, you need to also focus on your industry. 

For example, if you are a restaurant, you may go for sites like Zomato or Swiggy. It is important to understand especially in terms of SEO value. that not all review platforms excel in the eyes of google. 



Reviews should lead to Customer Experience

Whenever we ask for reviews for SEO, we expect the positive ones to help us out. The best possible way to get honest and positive feedbacks is, providing them an exceptional customer experience. 

For this, you must use the customer reviews that you get, to improve your user experience. Therefore, look at reviews as a means of constructive criticism. Track and analyse your monthly reviews and work upon those issues that have come up multiple times. This way you are working on your weak areas and leading your business to benefit from it.

Therefore, summing up the topic, online reviews offer the best possible way to see where we stand in this online world. 

They help us modify our work environment as well as our sites and the products offered, as and when required. Businesses use this method, great guest post writers. as well as other guest bloggers, use it, to get the best out of their work.

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