How to Make The Most of Gmail Read Receipts

If you send emails, you can use Gmail read receipts to know when they’ve been opened.
Read receipts are messages that appear in the inbox of the person who sent you an email. They tell them whether or not they’ve been read. And allow them to click “show me” if they want more details about what happened after they received your message. You can turn on Gmail read receipts for each of your messages in Settings > General > Send and archive. You can also choose whether to send read receipts when you reply to a message or only when you send new messages.

What does “Gmail Read Receipt” mean?

Gmail read receipts are a feature of Gmail that shows you when someone opens an email you’ve sent them. You can see when they click on links in your message. And if they delete or archive them.
You’ll also get notified if someone else has viewed your message without seeing any notification of this action. This is useful if someone needs help accessing one of the emails from within their own inboxes. But doesn’t want to be bothered with reading every single one first (or even second).
What is a read receipt? A read receipt shows the recipient that you’ve seen their message. And it’s useful if they want to know when their emails are being read. For example, if you send someone an email asking them to help with something right away. But don’t get a response until the following morning or even later that day. You may wonder why they didn’t respond sooner. With Gmail’s read receipts feature enabled, you can see when someone reads one of your messages. So you’ll know whether or not they need more time before responding.

How to Send a Gmail Read Receipt

  • Go to the compose window.
  • Select “send a read receipt.”
  • Choose one of the options from the drop-down menu. And make sure you have the right permissions set on your account.
  • Determine when you want to send it (for example, if it’s after business hours).

The recipient will then receive a message in their inbox with a link that says “read receipt.” If they click on this link, it will show them when you read their message. If you don’t want to send a read receipt. Simply don’t click the button.

What Gmail Read Receipts Won’t Tell You

While Gmail read receipts are a great way to keep track of how many times people have opened your emails. There are some things that they won’t tell you.

  • Read receipts don’t tell if an email was opened on a mobile device. If someone takes their phone with them wherever they go. Then it’s possible that they may have read the message while away from their desk or computer screen.
  • Read receipts don’t necessarily mean that the person who opened it has actually seen the entire thing (though this is often true). For example, if you include several attachments in one email and send them out at once rather than individually. Then even if all these attachments are received by recipients separately through different channels like Dropbox sync folders for example. None of those recipients will necessarily know what else was attached as well since there might be up to five separate files being sent at once.

Other Ways to Track Emails

There are many ways to track emails. The most common is via a service like OpenedOrNot. This offers its own email tracking tools in addition to Gmail’s built-in capabilities.
If you’re looking for more advanced options and customized reporting capabilities. There are plenty of third-party services that can help you get the job done.

How to Manually Request a Gmail Read Receipt

If you’ve never manually requested a read receipt, it’s easy to do. You can find your messages by going to Inbox and selecting the “Read Receipts” tab at the top of your screen.
Once there, click on any message in your inbox that contains an attachment or link. And then click on “Request Read Receipt.” A pop-up will appear asking if Gmail should provide more information about this message to help improve user experience (and thus increase engagement). Click yes. This will allow Google Drive access for all of those files except Microsoft Office documents which require additional software installed on their computers. Before they can be opened by other people using Google Drive who aren’t connected directly through Gmail but instead through another service like Dropbox or Box Paperless. This also supports sharing locally stored items across platforms such as iOS devices running iMessage apps. Like WhatsApp Messenger or Facebook Messenger App etc…

Third-Party Tools and Services for Tracking Emails

If you’re looking for a free way to track emails, consider using a third-party service like OpenedOrNot. It works with Gmail and Outlook, but it’s not always reliable. And while it may seem like the best option out there. Keep in mind that not all third-party services are secure. Some hackers have been known to compromise their servers and steal information from unsuspecting users’ inboxes (and there are reports of this happening).
If you decide against using an external tool for tracking emails because of security concerns or just don’t want one at all (or if your organization doesn’t allow them). Then perhaps consider using Google’s own tools instead. These include:

  • Forwarding Your Email Address To Someone Else In Gmail
  • Reading Receipts In Gmail

Why Gmail Read Receipts Are Beneficial

Why Read Receipts From Gmail Are Useful.

  • You can see when your emails are opened and read. You will receive a notification in your inbox. Telling you that someone has opened or read your email. You’ll also get an alert if they have marked it as spam. This is great for catching any early errors before too much damage is done.
  • You’ll know if people are ignoring emails from you. If someone takes forever to respond to an email sent by you. Then this could indicate that they’re not interested in receiving more communication from you (and maybe even why). This information can help improve future communications with them so as not to waste time on irrelevant responses that won’t lead anywhere useful at all.

If you send emails, you can use Gmail read receipts to know when they’ve been opened.

Gmail read receipts can be used to track the opening of emails you send.
When someone opens an email on their phone or tablet. Gmail sends a notification that includes their name and title. This is useful if they’re reading over your shoulder while you’re trying to write an important message. You might also want this feature if one of your colleagues regularly sends out updates about what’s going on in the office (or even outside). There’s actually a whole list of reasons why you might want to know when an email has been opened.

For example, if someone hasn’t responded to your message after several days and they’re not in the office, you could send them another reminder. Or maybe you’re just curious about who reads their email more often than others! This feature is perfect for keeping track of who opens your emails and when. It’s also useful for finding out which messages are getting more attention than others. So you can refocus your efforts on certain topics. The good news is that many email providers offer this feature as a standard option (although some require you to pay for additional features).


The use of read receipts is a great way to make sure that people are getting your email and taking action on it. If you’re using Gmail, I highly suggest setting up this feature. So that your company can stay in the loop on how well their messages are being read. You’ll be happy that you did.

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