How to Merge VCF files into One Single vCard File ? [Solved]

In the article, we have come up with the latest and reliable solution which will help you to merge VCF files into a single vCard file without any difficulties.

Query- 1 “My laptop consists of more than 150 VCF files that are created by different platforms. They have different versions for each VCF file. So I am looking for a trust and reliable software or method that are capable to combine VCF files into one file without creating any issue. Please let me.”

Query- 2 “I have saved a bunch of VCF files on my computer system. Now I wanted to merge them into a single vCard file which makes me easier to share and analyze. I also have implemented various merging processes which are available online but none of them provided me satisfactory results. Anyone, please suggest to me a good method to join VCF files into one vCard file format.”

The VCF files are electronic mail cards that are used in sharing contact information across email applications. The files consist of the name, phone number, company name, email address, etc of a person.

There are tons of users who are looking for a solution to merge them. As it makes it easier for them to manage and share single vCard file contact. These files are the fastest way of sharing information across email platforms.

Also, users can easily open and analyze data stored in vCard files in text format.

Best Way to Merge VCF Files

There are only two methods available to implement where users can combine multiple VCF files into one file.

  1. Automated Solution
  2. Manual Method

Automated Solution

Best vCard Merge utility is a risk-free tool/software that helps you to join VCF files into one file in a single go. The software is created with the latest and advanced features which help us to merge only the selected or required VCF files.

It not only supports all the versions of vCard files but also maintains the attributes of multiple contacts. This means that the tool is able to intact all the contact information stored on multiple VCF files.

Benefits of the Software

  1. Combine multiple VCF files into one vCard format in a single go.
  2. Keep all the contact data unharmed during the process.
  3. The tool is also able to preserve the data integrity of the vCard file.
  4. Users have the option to merge only the selected vCard files.
  5. It also displays the preview of the required VCF file.
  6. Support all the versions of VCF files such as vCard 2.1, vCard 3.0, and vCard 4.0.
  7. It generates the CSV report of the conversion task.

Step-Wise Guide to Join VCF Files into One

  • Open and select the “Add File” or “Add Folder” options.

add VCF files

  • Locate the path of VCF files to insert them into the software.

locate the path of VCF files

  • Now click or select the “Export” or “Export Selected” button.

merge VCF files

  • Select the “Merge vCard’ file option.

merge VCF files

  • Then select the necessary version of the VCF file.

select the vCard version

  • Define the path for exported vCard file and click on the “Export” button.

combine multiple vcf files into one

Now you have successfully merge VCF files into one single vCard file by using the automated solution.

Manual Way to Combine Multiple VCF Files into One

Follow these steps to merge multiple contact files-

  • Copy all the VCF files into a folder and press the “Windows + R” keys.
  • Type “cmd” and click on the “ok” button.
  • Now locate the folder of VCF files and enter the “* vcf copy all.vcf” command.
  • Now it will merge all the VCF files and named it as “all.vcf”.

There are several limitations of using these methods to complete the merging process.
This manual method provides fewer functions and options to merge VCF files into One Single vCard File.
Also, there are only a few chances of your VCF data will be merged easily. Users need technical knowledge to perform these tasks.

Final Words on How to Merge VCF files into One Single vCard File

The above article has shown the two procedures to combine multiple VCF files into one file. Users may face restrictions or drawbacks to join VCF files into one vCard file by using the manual method. As it has complex procedures and users need advanced technical knowledge of the computer.

So, we suggest you go with the advanced solution i.e using professional software to complete the merging process of VCF files.

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