How To Migrate Emails From One Office 365 Account To Another – Here is the Smart Guide

If you are also having these questions i.e. “how to migrate emails from one office 365 account to another?” Then this article is only for you, we have specially curated this article for users who are non-techie or facing complications while performing this operation in Office 365. In this article, we will provide a smart solution that will overcome all the complications that are being faced by users.

User Concerns:

Looking Recommendation for Email Migration to Microsoft Office 365

We have a small set of Office 365 users maybe around 70+ as in our company, recently we have consolidated with another firm and they have 200+ Office 365 users and we are looking to migrate them all Office 365 users to the destination Office 365 as well, so the question is migration with tools is better or manual? I don’t want to use any manual technical way for this task, as I fear losing my data.

Any suggestions for software that can perform this task safely?


Here in the user query, the user has to perform data migration and the question here we got is how to migrate emails from one Office 365 account to another? Moreover, he does not want any manual approach and considering software for the same. Let’s discuss it in brief, then we will dive into the step by step for solution of this query.

Oftentimes, we need to undergo data migration operations in Office 365. There are many scenarios when business organizations need to face these technical data migrations. As we can see in the user query, the reason for this operation is due to business consolidation. Situations like business mergers, acquisition divestiture, and consolidation create an urgent need for this data transfer. Hence, the main question is there any reliable way of doing this?

Fortune the answer is yes! There are few ways to carry out this type of data migration in Office 365. However, the user does not want the manual approach through PowerShell scripts, hence, we will discuss the most reliable and easy way to perform this operation with 100% data protection in the minimum time possible.

Transfer Office 365 Emails to Another Account – Tried and Tested Reliable Way

We have sourced the internet and we would suggest you the best Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Tool. This is a smart feature-rich, error-free utility, which ensures a seamless and secure data transfer experience to its users. This utility is capable of taking place in multiple types of data migration projects in Microsoft 365.

Moreover, you can download this utility and avail yourself of a free demo by activating the software. The demo version can be used to migrate 2 user accounts in Microsoft Office 365 for free and users can verify the working and performance. And for furthermore migration you need to purchase the license, which is available at a reasonable cost.

Working Procedure of Utility to Migrate Emails From One Office 365 Account To Another:

With the help of this utility, you can carry out various types of data migration projects in Office 365, in just a few clicks. Follow these below-listed steps to execute this task safely:

Download the above-mentioned tool and you can also avail free demo for 2 user accounts to migrate mailboxes across Office 365 accounts for free.

Step 1. After launching the software, select Office 365 as the source and destination then click on Next.

Step 2. This software will help you to migrate emails and other items documents, contact, calendar to another Office 365 account in order to migrate emails from one office 365 account to another.

Step 3. This software also gives you an option to migrate selective data, by applying the date filter option. Apply Date Filter if you want and then click on Next.

Step 4. After that, log in using source tenant with Admin Email and Application ID and then validate permission clicking on validate button, then click Next.

Step 5. Following the same step, log in using destination tenant with Admin Email & Application ID, then click on the Validate button and then click Next in order to migrate emails from one office 365 account to another.

Step 6. For fetching source tenant users you have to click on fetch users in order to migrate emails from one office 365 account to another.

Step 7. You can see all source users are fetched, now import destination users. If you want to create a mapping between source and destination accounts this software provided us an option to do so. To do this you have to import the CSV file in which you will maintain the source & destination user ID.

Step 8. Once, users of source and destination are mapped, now click on the validate button to validate permissions.

Step 9. As source & destination permissions are validated. Now, start the migration process by click on the start button.

Step 10. The software will start migrating emails from one Office 365 to another Office 365 account. Wait for few minutes while the migration process complete.

Prominent Characteristic of This Utility Makes It Stand Alone

  • Complete & Secure data Migration
  • Smart Filter Based on Date for Email, Document, Calendar, and Contacts, etc.
  • Browse CSV to Add Details of User Accounts
  • Detailed CSV Migration Report At Post Migration
  • Free Demo Version to Migrate 2 User Accounts Free
  • Migrate All Emails, Contacts, Calendar from Exchange 2013, 2016.
  • Priority-based migration is available.
  • Migrates the Data that Arrived while migrating Old Data.
  • Maintain Read / Unread Status of Emails in Destination Account.

Innovative Features of Office 365 to Office 365 Migration Software         

Re-Run Migration – For failed items, skipped items, or newly arrived items in the source account, this utility provides an option to re-run migration, and it migrates all these data, without creating duplicate files in the destination account.

Group User Mapping – You can create user group mapping by enabling this feature in the workload selection. This feature greatly helps in moving multiple user’s accounts in a single shot.

Date Based Filter – This awesome filter enables users to migrate data selectively according to the date range in order to transfer Office 365 emails to another account.

Keeps Folder Hierarchy – This tool is designed in this way, that it maintains the folder hierarchy, making Data management easier for users.

Let’s Sum Up Everything

Data migration in Office 365 is rather a common operation nowadays, even so, many users are still in a dilemma of picking out the right approach for this operation. Hence in this article, we have sourced the internet and tried our best while coming up with the most reliable and secure software for this operation.

Thus, by using the above-mentioned software one can easily transfer Office 365 emails to another account in Microsoft Office 365 along with maximum data protection.

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