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How To Perform Quick Keyword Research For Your Content Marketing

The Best ways to perform quick Keyword Research

The compelling content has always been favored by search engines, but if you are not concentrating on the words and phrases that people tend to search a lot and are actually interested in, then you are missing a lot of traffic. keyword research is a fundamental part of digital marketing like the building blocks of a whole marketing system especially relevant for writers, publishers and bloggers. without knowing what people are searching for at what frequency, it’s difficult to find out the phrases and target at them as the traffic drawing entity in our content.

The traffic is the spine of your business, whether you are running a blog, an ecommerce site or you are a life coach, all of it begins with targeted traffic. But, as a matter of fact, the value of keyword goes beyond seo content writing. just imagine for once, that search engines don’t deliver traffic at all….what then?

One way is to devote months to find out and think of every possible phrase or words and the other way to a quick search on keywords with the help of innumerable online tools. There are many ways to do the job, let’s have a look at 3 ways to quickly find out the type of content people are searching for –

What’s google take on what you should search

When at first google suggest tool grew its head a couple of years back, people actually refused to accept it. People couldn’t stand that obstructive drop down box that appeared with suggestions related to your search.

Now lets come straight to 2013, not only people started liking it but got used to it. they found out that the suggest tool actually helps them in searching related and exact content they want. This also helped people to get better options for what they want to and what they can search. if your focus is on content marketing, so it’s important to know where those suggestion come from.

These suggestions lists are made by data searched in the past.

The phrases or words provided by the google suggest tool is the data searched in the past in large volumes and great frequency. and hence, this provides you a glimpse of what should be included in your content that is trending and being searched more.

Note – Just type “google is” in the search bar and find out what google has to show to you….you might get some new idea….

How YouTube Helps Content Marketers

Whenever you want to see a video online, youtube is the first place you look at. but how can it help you research keywords to market your content? yes, it’s actually true. On the homepage we can see a search bar which regulates searches similar to that of google’s search function and also has a suggest feature same as that of google. it is important that you know how content people search for what type of videos. for example, if you are an online seller of any product or you are a professional ghost writer, do you believe that posting a relevant video on YouTube can get loads of traffic at your site.

Let’s say you are a website developer and you are looking for ways to attract customers who are either already online entrepreneurs or are building a new website to promote their business.

You have written a great post on your blog and want people to find it. Would it strike people’s minds without tutorial videos, I don’t think so. But now the question arises that what should be the target keywords where people will find your videos and content on your blog.

Go to google and type “web development company in India” in the search bar and note some of the suggested phrases –

  • web development company in India
  • top India Web Development Companies
  • web development company near me

Now we type “Ecommerce Website Development” in the search bar. Here are some phrases that you may see –

  • top ecommerce web development company
  • ecommerce Website Development Company
  • ecommerce website design & development company

Can you imagine the amount of traffic you can generate by creating short videos around these commonly searched phrases.

We all know that people consume content in different ways, some like to read and some like to listen and watch.

your classification of target audience decided what can prove most fruitful for you and thus you need to research your keywords with all possible mediums or your suited niche. With more and more businesses providing video content, people like to watch videos related to products or something of value.

Keywords Being With Ad words By Advertisers

Millions of people use the Google Ad words tool to find out which keywords should they focus their budget, time and efforts on. just enter your preferred keyword phrase and Google will provide you with loads of data, including related keywords, number of monthly, local and national searches performed for each one. if you are logged in your Ad word account you will also be able to see CPC (cost per click) data.

Keyword research is obviously a dense process, if you are targeting a specific niche or even starting a website in a specific niche it’s worth taking a lot of time to make a strategy of mapping out keywords to be targeted.

But if you need to do a quick and smart keyword research. without investing a lot of time into it, these three ways can definitely help you out.

Suren Rathore

I am a Content Writer and Blogger. I have published many articles on different websites such as Axiswebart, Ingeniumweb, Digiperform, Mediasamosa etc. My skills also include user experience & conversion optimization. I love to write about travel, home decor, Auto, health, Education etc.

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