How To Port Your Number Hassle-Free?

In the increasingly competitive world of telecommunications, having the freedom to switch your service provider without changing your number is a significant advantage. This concept, known as number portability, has revolutionised the connectivity landscape, offering users unprecedented flexibility and choice. If you are looking for ways to learn more about mobile portability, we have got your back!

This blog will guide you through the simple process of porting your number, particularly focusing on how to port your number to Airtel’s postpaid services.

What is Number Portability?

Number portability allows you to retain your existing mobile number while changing your service provider. It gives you the freedom to switch to a different telecom provider if you are dissatisfied with your current one or if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Steps to Port Your Number Hassle-Free

Porting your number is a straightforward process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Send a Porting Request

Send an SMS with the text ‘PORT’ followed by your 10-digit mobile number to 1900 or the service providers you wish to port your number to. You will receive a Unique Porting Code (UPC) from your current service provider.

2. Choose Your New Service Provider

Select your new service provider, such as Airtel, based on the quality of services, network coverage, and price of plans offered.

3. Visit the Service Provider’s Store or Website

Visit your new service provider’s store or website. In the case of Airtel, you can visit the Airtel website or the Airtel Thanks App.

4. Fill the Porting Form

Fill in the Customer Acquisition Form (CAF) and the Porting Form provided by your new service provider. Submit these along with your recent passport-size photograph, a copy of your Aadhar card, and the UPC you received.

5. Choose a Postpaid Plan

Choose a postpaid plan that fits your needs. Airtel offers a wide array of postpaid plans with benefits including unlimited calls, ample data, and free subscriptions to OTT platforms.

6. Wait for the Confirmation

After submitting the necessary documents, your new service provider will confirm the receipt of your porting request. Airtel typically sends an SMS to confirm the same.

7. Check Your MNP Status

You can check your MNP status (Mobile Number Portability) online on your new service provider’s website. For Airtel users, this can be done on the Airtel website or the Airtel Thanks App.

8. Switch to the New SIM

Once the porting is complete, which usually takes about 7 working days, your old SIM will be deactivated, and you can start using your new SIM.

Why Port Your Number to Airtel?

Porting your number to Airtel’s postpaid services comes with numerous benefits. Airtel offers a variety of postpaid plans with a multitude of benefits, such as unlimited calls, high-speed internet, easy portability, complimentary subscriptions to popular OTT platforms, and a lot more. Here is how you can port your number to Airtel:

  • Download the Airtel Thanks app or visit the Airtel website
  • Select the Airtel postpaid plan that suits your needs
  • Confirm the Airtel port number request
  • Get the new Airtel SIM card delivered to your home
  • Insert your SIM card and experience Airtel 5G

In conclusion, number portability offers you the freedom to choose your telecom service provider without the hassle of changing your number. Whether you’re looking for better services, more affordable plans, or superior customer support, porting your number, especially to a reliable provider like Airtel, can be a smart move. So, follow the steps above and experience the ease of number portability today.

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