How to Prepare Your Child for a Noida School Admission Interview?

Want admission to top CBSE schools in Noida, then here is how you can prepare your child.

The Interview process has been a part of the Noida school admission procedure for a long time. You need to make sure that your child puts a good impression on the interviewer. It can be done only when you provide a suitable environment for your child during the initial stages of his life. If you will grow him right he will be more confident, capable, and self-assured in his new surroundings.

The environment to which a child is exposed while learning and playing is one key factor that plays a role in the upbringing of a child. To ensure complete physical and mental growth you need to provide a free space within the safety limits to your child so that he can unleash his potential.

So let’s look into the factors that can make your child perform well in the Top CBSE Schools in Noida. The following are Eight Tips for preparation of Noida School Admission interview:

Make your child independent and confident

You can provide some of the colorful interesting objects. Let him explore on his own. Allow him to choose the subject he wants to read and the game he wants to play. Also, let him choose the friends with whom he would like to play. Once he starts taking decisions independently from the beginning, he will be more confident and independent. 

Help him to develop social skills

Let your child interact and play with neighbors, people around. This will help him to be comfortable with people apart from family and relatives. Because nowadays social skills are quite important and in this way he will feel confident even in a new place or surrounding.

Teach him good manners and etiquettes

Not just for interviews, manners and etiquette are going to help him in the long run too. So teach him how to introduce himself. Also, work on his communication skills. If he can introduce himself confidently in the interview you can be assured that half the battle is won. Teach him how to express himself and answer the questions actively. Have daily conversations with your child so that he learns to express himself through words. This will enhance his emotional intelligence as well.

Provide exposure to basic knowledge

Help your child to become aware of common things in the surroundings, fruits names, vegetable names, animal names. You can provide some interesting colorful books and objects so that the colors grab his attention and he picks the study resources without being forced to do so. Beautify his room with good knowledge resources so that he develops an interest in reading one or two things in a day.

Teach cleanliness

Teach him to clean his room on his own. Make a daily routine of bathing, remaining clean and tidy. So that on the day of the interview, it doesn’t seem unusual to him.

Set a body clock

Make a habit of making him sleep at a particular time and waking up early in the morning. If now he wakes up at 11 am and sleeps at 2 am then gradually shifts the body clock. On the day of the interview when he is supposed to get up early, he won’t be cranky because his body clock is already set.

Complete proper research of the school where the interview is supposed to be done

You should research the school. Talk to the students who are already studying in the school. Go through the official website of the school that will give you an idea of the culture and values of the school. It will help you to make your child prepare better for the interview.

Interview day- Make it special

Wake up on time and also make your child wake up so that you can reach for the interview on time. Make your child dress up nicely with well-combed hair, trimmed nails, a handkerchief for wiping his mouth and hands. Give him assurance and confidence.

Most importantly don’t panic because your stress will be reflected in your behavior and that can make your child nervous. Let him be himself and be assured that he will perform well. At the end of the interview, give him a treat irrespective of his performance. This will help to build trust and healthy relationships between you and your child.


Having said all that, yes your child needs to perform well in the interview. It is important to get Noida School Admission into one of the Top CBSE Schools in Noida. But understand the fact that it is not the end of the world. Even if he couldn’t crack the interview, don’t put undue pressure or scold him. Because these things might make him underconfident. So, give your best and all the best!

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