How to Preserve Cannabis Flower – An Expert Guide

In the world of Cannabis, you hear many silly questions about the best California cannabis flower like:

  • Is cannabis flower good for health 
  • Difference between THC and CBD 
  • How the heck do I make Cannabis-infused edibles at home?
  • What about the regulation of cannabis flower purchase in different locations, etc

And different guides and studies are mentioned everywhere to answer all your questions or doubts. But did you know that there is a question that is still unclear, that of “how to save the cannabis flower and what is the best way to keep it fresh”

This article will look at all those methods and ways that will help you keep your bud safe and fresh for longer. 

Why Is Storing Weed Properly Very Necessary?

Dampness is the most significant threat to the shelf life of Cannabis. Proper storage is essential to keep them fresh and healthy so that whenever we consume them, we get the same benefit of taste. 

There are numerous benefits of proper cannabis storage:

  • Storing your weed properly will keep its crystal-clear form. 
  • You will feel the same sticky, dense puff every time you consume it.
  • Keep the beautiful brown, green, orange, and purple colors
  • A pleasant smoking experience is possible.
  • Won’t change the integrity of your flower
  • Maintaining the water activity of your Cannabis within a range of 0.55 and 0.65.

Let’s Dive Below and learn the different ways to store cannabis flowers:

There are many people out there that you can consider and keep your cannabis flower fresh for up to an entire year:

UV-Proof Containers:

UV-proof containers are the first and most sophisticated way to keep your cannabis flowers in pristine condition. It can easily maintain water level within the bud and feels like it just clipped off from the plant. These containers are super fancy and classy and made from Amber glass material that can block all types of UV light. They are typically utilized in keeping medicines, wine, and beer. So, they are perfect fun, collectible, and possibly the most comfortable way to keep cannabis flowers fresh.

Stash Boxes: 

If you are looking for a suitable option that delivers you the ease of storing and carrying too, then Stash Boxes never go wrong. Suppliers and cannabis dispensaries mainly use these boxes for weed storage. They are made of premium teak, bamboo, acacia, mahogany, cherry, or walnut wood, including a rolling tray that has high durability. Moreover, these woods won’t affect your buds’ smell/flavor, which means you can easily store your entire buds in one convenient place while still keeping your flowers fresh.

Freeze-Dried Storage:

Freeze – does not mean putting buds in an ice tray. The coolness is excellent for fruits or vegetables, but it can spoil the taste and flavor of cannabis buds. You can store bud freeze-dried into a bag, which will last for multiple years. When using this method, make sure to use any random bags. Yes, use freeze bags only because they are made of low-density Polyethylene and seal tightly, preventing air from entering and affecting the food.

Note* Always let the frozen buds come to room temperature before trying to handle or smoke them.

Glass Mason Jars:

If you like Mason jars, you’re in luck! These receptacles make for ample storage of flowers as long as they are kept in a cool, dry place. Glass Mason Jars are unique type jars that are composed of a tempered Bakelite glass that comes with a flat self-sealing lid and a metal band. Glass jars will also fully contain smells while preventing the flower from getting crushed. Moreover, It will maintain its potency for a year or longer.

Things you should avoid when storing cannabis buds:

  • Refrigerate in a plastic bag
  • Place bud jar in direct sunlight and moist area
  • Keep your Cannabis stored near electronics
  • Expose your Cannabis to too much air
  • Store along with paraphernalia
  • Use of plastic container 
  • Store cannabis flower in a dirty jar
  • Store gummies and cannabis flowers together
  • Excessive light exposure

Where Can I Buy High–Quality And The Best California Cannabis Flower?

When it comes to shopping, you can buy cannabis flowers online or at cheap cannabis stores near me. There are endless options that you can explore. Some of the online stores that we have listed below, you can visit:

  • Puff GRAFF
  • New Age CBD – Order Online
  • California Street Cannabis Company
  • Agora CBD
  • HPC Cannabis Dispensary and Delivery
  • Mission Cannabis Club Dispensary
  • SafePort Cannabis
  • East of Eden Cannabis Co.
  • La Florista Cannabis
  • Harborside San Jose

Storing your Cannabis correctly will help preserve the quality and maintain its potency. You need to consider vital things: temperature, humidity, light, oxygen, and the material of the container you’re using to store your flower. So, what are you waiting for? Shop high-quality best California cannabis flowers and follow these basic guidelines. You’ll be enjoying premium-quality Cannabis for months, if not years, to come.

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