How to Save Outlook Emails as EML?

Summary: Are you looking for a solution to save Outlook emails as EML file format? If so, then do not panic. Read the complete blog, you will get to know the best technique. 

This is a fact that there are uncertain circumstances where users need to do the conversion. But it cannot be done directly; there are manual or professional approaches for this.

In IT industries, there are many email clients that offer to manage email data information smoothly and efficiently. MS Outlook application is one of them. By using this application, you can easily manage email data on the desktop even without network connectivity. 

MS Outlook is a professional email client to manage personal information of the user’s account.

In most cases, the PST file goes into an inaccessible state due to virus attack, software and hardware fault, oversizing issues etc. 

EML File

It contains the messages, along with the subject, sender, recipient, etc. This file format is a very common email file. They are often attached to other mail messages while forwarding.

This file extension for an email message saved in the MIME RFC 822 standard Format by email programs. They are exported for the purpose of storage and archiving for malware.

PST File

It is the most commonly used and popular format. Users can easily export Outlook emails, contacts, calendar, and many more items in a PST file. This can be imported into MS Outlook anytime and anywhere.

Reasons to Choose EML File Format

  • EML file format holds less space to store the data information.
  • Users can simply save and open an EML file in various email clients so that it can be easily accessed.
  • The other file format can be difficult to work with on different systems, but it is very easy with EML file format

Automated Solution to Save Outlook Emails to EML File Format

Users can use the advanced solution PST export Tool to create EML file format along with its attachments. The software is very easy to use even a newcomer can perform the task easily without going through any issue.

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The software supports all versions of MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 etc. It does not require any Outlook installation. With this tool, it is absolutely possible to fix all the corruption issues and then save it in EML file format.

Steps to Convert Outlook Emails as EML File Using Wizard

  • Download and install the software. Then, add PST files to convertclick on add file
  • Choose EML file from the Export optionschoose eml
  • Press Browse and choose the folder to save outputclick on browse
  • Finally, press on the on Export

In the upcoming section, we are going to tell you the multiple beneficial features that software provides that helps the users to accomplish their job on time.

Key Features of the Software

  • It has the option to scan an Outlook PST file by two modes: Quick Scan and Advanced Scan.
  • The tool supports removing encryption from emails using SMIME & OpenPGP.
  • It does not need any installation of a supportive application or email client for its working.
  • The  software allows you to save Outlook emails as EML file format along with its attachments.
  • The software has an easy to use interface.

Manual Method to Save Outlook Emails as EML File Format

Mozilla Thunderbird and the MS Outlook must be installed on your PC while using a manual method.

  1. Start Thunderbird then click on Tools >> click Import
  2. Choose one between the two: Import Everything or import selected data of Outlook
  3. Tap on the Outlook and tap on Next, the process begins
  4. When the procedure is complete, the data will be displayed in  Mozilla Thunderbird application
  5. To view the converted file in EML format, choose all the emails. Right click and Save As
  6. Specify the location for the EML files.

This is how you can easily create EML files from PST manually.

Cons of the Manual Method

This method is completely free to save Outlook emails as EML file format but it is very tedious and also requires technical skill. It is not a secure method, data information can be loss while performing the procedure.

Ending Notes

The EML file format is support by several email clients and it stores less space. Because of this feature many users want to save Outlook emails as EML file format with attachments. For the accomplishment of the task on time we have provided you with the best way. The Expert suggested solution is very easy to use but the manual method is very tedious. Thus, it is advisable to choose the professional method to do the job.

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