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How to Supply Wholesale Goods from Yiwu Market?

Yiwubazaar is very famous for being the largest wholesale market trading worldwide, featuring more than 75,000 compartments that offer an enormous range of products. The product location is also unlimited and covers about 400000 different types of products in the market. Yiwu Market Suppliers is famous for its quality products. To know more about their marketing process, read this blog carefully.

Yiwu market product list:

  • Hardware
  • Daily commodity
  • Ornament and Accessories
  • Crafts
  • Toys
  • Textiles, Shoes & Hats
  • Electronics
  • Office Goods
  • Sports & Outdoor Products
  • Pet Products
  • Car & MC Accessories
  • Christmas items

High Quality Products Made In China

How Can You Import from The Yiwu Market?

The company owners have their own showroom within the market where they sell their products. Usually, two individuals working within the shops. One is the boss, and another is his agent. The boss may be the factory owner`s wife or their close relative, and the agent may be the girl who is fluent in English and has good computer knowledge. The role of the boss is to maintain everything in control. That`s why they try to keep the whole cost in the budget by hiring an employee who is a graduate. Employees don’t have much knowledge about foreign trade. So, this means the shops typically place all the products which are available and sell them. They feel pleased with what they are selling, and that’s it.

How to Search for Yiwu Wholesale Market Suppliers?

When you go directly in the market or with an agent, it becomes your duty to compare the price of products for better trading. It has been seen that all the suppliers selling the same product and are located in the same area. You need to go around them to know the price and compare their prices. Don`t forget to take advice from an agent if you are new in this marketing field. These agents will help you to choose the best and most famous shops depending on the products category that you want. Once you manage to find the best suppliers online, go around, visit their shop in the market, look out for their samples, and check out the prices. When you go directly in the market or with an agent, it becomes your duty to compare the price of products for better trading.

How to Deal with the Yiwu Market Suppliers?

  1. Choose the suppliers selling the specialized categories:

Yiwu Market suppliers sell a variety of products, on the other hand, some sell only a single category. Choose the one who has a range of various products if you are planning to seek a specialized supplier. A person who is an expert in this field will offer you the best prices, good quality products, and secure shipping. These kinds of suppliers are more familiar with the massive range of products.

2. Don`t forget to check the product quality:

When you decide to purchase from the Yiwu Market Suppliers, it is better to check the quality of the products. You don’t need to receive the same product as the sample when buying. It is also a good option to undergo double confirmation and check it yourself when communicating with the suppliers. You’ll certainly be surprised by what you received and what you ordered in the market. You’ll be shocked with product quality, size, material used, color, and weight. All these features can be changed in comparison to the sample you chose.

3. Tips on how to discuss the prices:

When going for discussing the prices, the prices are not that different for various quantities. If you buy the product in large quantity then the supplier can provide you 3 to 5% discount on the entire order. Some people think that if they directly ask the supplier for around 10000 pieces, they’ll get a massive discount, such as 10-20%. But, this is not true whether you place an order for 1000 articles, you will get the same discount. Don’t be shocked by this fact as the suppliers won’t believe you at first for buying 10000 pieces immediately. They know that it’s just a trick for them to propose to you the best lowest price for the orders.

Communicate with the Yiwu Market Suppliers

If you want to talk with Yiwu Market Suppliers, communicate with them in English as they understand English. Ask them about price, cheap or expensive and other things. When you select the product, then the suppliers will tell you about the price with the help of a calculator. You should pay the cash for small stock and get it delivered to your place. Moreover, if you want to discuss product manufacturing, you should search for a translator and bring one with you for simple communication.

Wrapping Up

When you hire an agent, then makes all things easier and simpler for you. Agents always help you to achieve the best and reasonable prices. So this post contains top tips on supply wholesale prod from the Yiwu market. Hopefully, this guide will be more helpful for you according to your search. Happy searching!

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