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How to Use Facebook Ads to Grow Business Sales by 2021?

Taking advantage of traditional marketing methods has become obsolete. Billboards, print ads, radio ads, TV ads, and other methods are no longer used. By Digital Marketing promoting the goods and services only, the brand could be known and services can be provided according to customer needs and requirements., and here we will know about how to use Facebook Ads to grow business sales by 2021?

Things have changed over time, and businesses can advertise in many ways. Who could forget Google or Facebook? They are the biggest players when it comes to online advertising.These platforms are not only for chatting with friends but also for advertising the services so that the offer can reach a large number of potential clients.

Advertising on Facebook can seem overcrowded in the year 2021, which poses a challenge to business owners. The focus of many eCommerce companies is on creating attention and sales through ads on Facebook. However, Facebook ads are successful at generating sales and attention.

When it comes to eCommerce, you might wonder if Facebook ads can still generate sales.

As we head into 2021, we will provide you with guidance on how to use Facebook ads to grow your business, boost engagement, and boost conversions.

Using Facebook Ads to Grow Business Sales in 2021

Can you envision investing a massive amount of money and your precious time in the year 2021? We live in an age of technological advancement and change. The youth and upcoming entrepreneurs’ attention is captured today by several Social Media Optimization platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok.

You can promote your brand using the stories section. Speaking of Facebook, it has dominated the market for a very long time, and it’s certainly older than any other social network. This complete guide will tell you how effective Facebook advertising can be, as well as how it will work in the year 2021. 

But before this, you must know some interesting facts about the Facebook

  • Despite the rise of Social media marketing networks, Facebook continues to be the world’s most popular social network. Their average monthly user base is over 2.23 billion.
  • Revenue from Facebook advertisements is expected to reach $41.65 billion by 2022. While COVID-19 appears to be creating uncertainty, Facebook’s ad revenue is still expected to grow by 5.9% up to the end of  2021.
  • A Facebook ad is clicked by 40 percent of users to make a purchase. Facebook advertising campaigns can be enticing for advertisers despite the higher cost per conversion.

Advertising on Facebook: How to do it?

To illustrate this, let’s explore the ways in which Facebook can be an effective business tool. 

The most common type of ad has a picture and some basic text around it

  • A small video with text above that fits in the news feed is used for video ads
  • You can advertise in the Facebook Stories section by running ads
  • Users can swipe through carousel ads in their news feed by swiping to the left and right

Precise Target

Facebook marketing is perhaps most effective when it can target specific demographics. Keywords can be targeted with Google Ads, but the algorithm still has difficulty determining who is searching. You can target Facebook ads to an audience based on their demographics (age, gender, location, interests, etc.) in the Facebook ads manager. Using tools such as lookalike audiences or the Facebook pixel, your results can be refined as you advertise more.

More Advanced Ad Options

The basic ad format is not the only offering from Facebook. Boosted posts, follower polls, contact forms, interactive ads, and footage without sound are also available. Facebook has something that can be tailored to fit your needs. As part of Facebook’s insights offering called Facebook IQ, you can also learn how consumer trends are changing on Facebook and how they relate to your specific marketing campaigns.

Marketing Through Influences

Buying decisions are still made based on our perceptions of those we trust. This hasn’t changed in generations. 2017 was the year of influencer marketing, and businesses can no longer ignore the influence organic consumer content has on spending. This sort of native marketing content is currently easily accessible to customers via Facebook and Instagram (owned by Facebook).


It is a fact that Facebook advertising is worth businesses’ investment in 2021 when it comes to its usefulness for businesses. We all know the competition has increased in the last decades but the charm of Facebook is still the same. Businesses either they are small or large, still prefer to get the massive attention of their potential clients via business pages and paid advertising options.

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