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How To Use Wall Tiles In The Kitchen And Bathroom?

Conventionally used to do the flooring, did you know that tiles can also be installed on the walls of your home? Yes, you read that right! The modern-day decor is all about making bold statements, and tiles are an excellent material to use on accent walls. Not just that, you can find fantastic kitchen tiles in London to give your home an eccentric touch. The best thing about wall tiles is that they go a long way in making your home look stylish without straining your pocket. In this article, we have gathered a few exciting techniques that budget dwellers could use to make their homes appear sophisticated and stylish.

What are wall tiles?

While we are all familiar with floor tiles, wall tiles are very similar in appearance, but the only difference is that they aren’t as robust as their floor counterparts. For this reason, we encourage you to use floor tiles on the wall if you can find a nice fit and a good bargain. However, you must never use wall tiles on the floor. This is because they aren’t meant to carry a lot of weight and might start to crack or fade away after a while.

Here are a few ways you can use wall tiles in the kitchen and bathroom

Add a splash of colour

If you have a bathroom with an odd colour palette, you can refurbish it with exciting new colours by tiling the shower area, the backsplash, and the walls. We suggest that you use eccentric colours that pair well with the theme of the bathroom and get creative with the tile patterns.

A well-blended kitchen

When it comes to the kitchen, if you want to go along with minimalistic aesthetics, we recommend that you indulge in light colours, such as cream, beige or egg-shell white.  It is also imperative to ensure the colour of the tiles goes along with the colour scheme of the cabinets, the countertop, and the breakfast island. For a well-blended result, we suggest you pick a theme that best suits your kitchen and strictly follow it.

A lively living space

Regardless of whether you’re doing the interior of the bathroom or the kitchen, we highly recommend that you go with a matte all-white look if you enjoy natural light and want to add a lively touch to your living space. There are plenty of affordable and matte tiles available that you can select from.

Simple is better

While there are plenty of different shapes and textures of tiles available in the market, we recommend that you keep your bathroom and kitchen simple and opt for simple rectangular tiles. This is because while hexagonal and triangular tiles with groves add an eccentric touch to the theme, they also require intensive aftercare.

Tiles are an excellent way to lift the aesthetics of your house without stretching your budget. For a well-blended result, we suggest you pick a theme that best suits your kitchen and strictly follow it. We highly recommend that you do your thorough research before purchasing to ensure you get the best bargain.

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