Academic dishonesty comes in many forms. But the one that is the most serious of all is plagiarizing content in essays and other pieces a student writes. Plagiarism is the act of copying other thoughts, ideas, words, and concepts and presenting them as if they were your own. Getting inspired is one thing but blatantly copying someone is wrong at all levels. So students need to know how to write a plagiarism free essay.


Students find it easy to copy work as they do not want to spend time coming up with their original content. The main reason behind this is the overload of assignments at hand and the shortage of time. Using Google is the norm now and downloading research papers have become so easy. But a student must realize that they can write 100 free essays that have no plagiarized content. The following steps are a student’s guide to writing a plagiarism free essay.


The first draft is where no rules are applied and you can be as chaotic as you want. Jot down your thoughts without thinking about the structure, the formatting, and other rules of writing. Brainstorm for ideas and take notes from other sources of data you have studied for your topic. The first draft is the difficult part as there are chances that you might get stuck with no proper direction in the context. Once you start writing, you will get more ideas in your head which you can quickly jot down and revise later. After completing the first draft, you must create a second one. The second draft is where you make revisions and edit your data. With the second draft, you can take the help of essay writing services if needed.


After the first few drafts are done, it is time for some seriousness to take over. You will need to concentrate on your content and check for the content that looks like they have been plagiarized. Concentrate on sentences and phrases that ring a bell to you. Verify the source of the content and keep it if it turns out to be original.


After writing the first draft and concentrating on your content, there might arise a need to refine context and refocus on the topic. You will most likely find something lacking in your essay or might have to change your thesis statement according to the direction you have taken in your content. Here, you can refine the statements of your essay by taking out unnecessary events and adding in more sources to reinstate a point. You may have to shrink or expand your essay until it answers the central idea you have used in your essay.


The final stage of writing a plagiarism free essay is editing. Editing in the larger sense would be concerning the structure of the essay and the key points discussed. In the minute sense, editing and proofreading are needed for the grammar, punctuation, and spellings used in the essay. It is crucial to polish an essay before handing it over for final submission. One should be cautious of over-editing as it can completely change the face of the essay. It is up to the student to decide when a plagiarism free essay has been written and to be satisfied with the outcome.


Writing a plagiarism-free essay is not as complicated as it may seem. A student must educate themselves about events happening around them and consult journals and books by renowned authors in their respective fields when possible. Having basic knowledge about possible essay topics will give them the needed push to write an essay on their own.

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