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Hydro Jetting VS Snaking – Which Drain Cleaning Option is the Best?

You might come across blocked and unclogged drains and sewers at your home. Blocked and clogged drains can occur due to many reasons, such as hair getting stuck in the drains, soap, dirt, mineral buildups, roots, and other sorts of dirt and debris that can potentially cause a blockage in the drains. However, there are numerous techniques of drain cleaning out there, such as hydro-jetting and snaking. But, which cleaning option is the best?

This article is going to focus on hydro jet drain cleaning in Chula Vista and snaking, the difference between these two drain cleaning options, and most importantly, which one of these two cleaning options is the best:

 What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is one of the most common methods used to unclog pipelines and sewers. It is somewhat similar to how power washing works and is used in both residential and commercial applications. 

Hydro jetting blasts out very high-pressured water, and is aimed at pipes. This water is targeting from one opening of the pipe, and exits from the other end, clearing out any blockage in the pipes that might be causing unclogged sewers and pipelines. 

The water coming out from the hydro jets are pressurized at a minimum of 3000 psi and can be pressurized up to 7000 psi, depending upon how stubborn the blockage is. 

Thus, the pressure of the water that is targeting the pipes is enough to get rid of any blockages, residue debris that may be present in the pipelines. 

Benefits of Hydro Jetting Chula Vista

Now, let’s take a look at the benefits of hydro jetting:

It is a very effective method

Hydro jetting is one of the most effective means of cleaning drains. The water blasted from hydro jets easily penetrates deep into the buildup dirt, or any obstruction that may be clogging up your home’s sewers or pipes. Thus, this high-pressured water is enough to make sure no dirt, sewage, or residues are left behind in the pipes and drains so that this issue does not arise again in the near future.

Does not damage the pipes or drains

Because hydro jetting Chula Vista only makes use of high-pressure water, this technique of cleaning drains does not damage the pipes. 

Unlike other techniques and methods of drain cleaning that make use of acids and other chemicals, which can potentially corrode and damage pipes, this method is safe and effective. Thus, you might have to ultimately replace these pipes in case they get damaged, which could actually cost you a lot.

Does not create a mess

Other techniques of drain cleaning can create a mess. Not only is this mess unsanitary, but will also make the job more difficult to work with. However, with hydro jetting, only high-pressure water is targeted from one opening of the pipes, which ultimately exits from the other end of the pipe. Therefore, no mess is created.

Quick method

Hydro jetting won’t really take much of your time, nor the  Chula Vista hydro jetting expert’s time. Drains can be cleaned and unclogged by All Service Plumbers in only a short matter of time!

Environmental friendly

Not only is hydro jetting safe to use for yourself and the Chula Vista hydro jetting experts, but is also safe to use for the environment.  Other methods of cleaning drains may include the use of chemicals and acid, which can potentially harm our environment.

Drawbacks of Hydro Jetting

The only drawback to hydro jetting is that this method is not generally a DIY (do it yourself) method. Homeowners, unfortunately, can not clean drains and unclog them themselves. Therefore, this is the job of professionals only, which is why you must contact professional Drain cleaners Chula Vista.

What is Snaking?

Snaking is another common technique of cleaning drains. However, this method involves the use of a certain tool, called an Auger. An Auger is basically a steel cable with a tip that is designed in a way to penetrate deep into the drains and help unclog the pipes.

Benefits of Snaking

Snaking is somewhat effective in cleaning drains and unclogging pipelines. Other than that, it also does not damage pipes. 

This is because the Auger itself only features a tip, which is pushed downwards into the pipes and drains to unclog them. Thus, this does not specifically cause any damage.

Drawbacks of Snaking

Not that effective

Snaking is not able to remove all the dirt, debris, and residue from the drains. This is because the Auger will only be able to clear the area where the tip fits. Therefore, the drains can be unclogged for a time being. As most of the residue and dirt will still be left behind

Is not able to get rid of certain build-up

Unlike hydro jetting, Snaking isn’t able to get rid of grease, gunk, or grime that builds up in the pipes. These can also cause clogged pipes and sewers, which is why it is important to get rid of these too.

Which Drain Cleaning Option is Best for You?

Well, the final technique of cleaning your drains will depend upon how big or small the clogs are. In case the clog is very small and minute, then Snaking should do the job.

However, if you’re looking for a powerful method that will definitely get rid of all the dirt, gunk. And other residues that may be causing a blockage in your drains and pipes. Then hydro jetting Chula Vista is the best option for you. 

Not only will this method be helpful in the long run as it ensures no dirt or residue is left behind but will make it look as if you’ve replaced the pipes! Moreover, because Snaking doesn’t really get rid of grease and gunk along the pathway of the pipelines. Then you should definitely choose hydro jetting. 

Thus, contact Hydro jet drain cleaning in Chula Vista to have your drains cleaned in the most quickest and effective way.


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