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Important Factors When Hiring A Security Guard Company

There are more threats to your business and clients than ever before. This is why you need short-term, long-term or permanently efficient security services when hiring a security guard company. A List Security Calgary understands your concerns.

We have years of experience, which allows us to provide you with the best quality services and peace of mind so that you can concentrate on what is essential.

We have seen many security situations, so we tailor our services that meet each and every aspect of your requirements. The professionally trained officers can handle all the concerns and problems you might face. Our customers have access to unarmed, semi-armed, and armed officers 24/7.

These officers can be reached via courtesy patrol, mobile, or standing. We will be happy to meet you and assess your situation.

Security Is A Must In Calgary

Calgary has the lowest violent crime rate among the ten largest cities in the US. However, the mid-year crime report shows that robberies, aggravated assaults, and property thefts have increased significantly in Calgary.

Many security threats can endanger businesses, including vandalism and burglary, as well as active shooters or terrorists. These crimes can cause devastating business losses. Workplace assaults accounted for $121 billion in annual losses between 2018 and 2019. 

What Are Short-Term Security Guards?

You can hire short-term security guards for any length of time. You can hire security guards from 8 hours up to several weeks. A List Security offers three types of officers to suit your needs. Officers without arms carry a flashlight, a flashlight, and a cellphone.

Those mentioned above are also accepted by semi-armed officers, Mace, and a baton. You may need different types of protection depending on the circumstances and location.

Standing: An officer on foot patrol always stations at the spot. Courtesy patrol is when an officer riding in a vehicle walks through the area at different times and uses foot patrol to cover the whole site.

Mobile: A combination of the two above options. Scheduled foot patrols follow an officer driving through the site in a vehicle.

We determine the type of protection based on the site’s security requirements and other factors. A mobile patrol would be suitable for large open spaces such as parks and parking lots.

There is a greater chance of crimes in locations open 24/7/till late, and there is a greater need for protective services. A List Security can help determine the most beneficial services and customize the options to your needs.

Why Hire Short-Term Security Guards?

Short-term security guards are professionally trained in problem prevention, hazard evaluation, de-escalation and protection, crowd control, and other related areas. They can be responsible for checking credentials, monitoring video surveillance, and restricting access to certain zones.

In 2017, a study in Southwest England found a 49% increase in crimes reported by patrol officers and a 16% decrease by victims. This shows the effectiveness of security personnel in preventing crime and other incidents.

A professional security team can handle these tasks, reducing stress about your company’s safety and allowing you to focus on other essential responsibilities. A short-term security guard is an excellent addition to your business.

A Deterring Presence

Your business is more vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and trespassing when more people are at the event or during a popular season. Short-term security guards can spot suspicious activity and respond to it. Their presence also acts as a deterrent for criminals. 

Allergy To Tensions

Short-term security guards, among other duties, are trained to de-escalate situations and calm tensions. Individuals can become disorderly or rowdy when large crowds are present, or an emergency is brewing.

This is especially true when people get uncontrolled and start a disturbance. Our security guards handle these incidents effectively, which can minimize damage and disruption.

Peace Of Mind

A security guard can help deter criminals and provide security. Employees find it easier to focus and produce when they don’t feel their safety is in danger. A security guard can also be a positive message to clients and customers.

This shows that you care about your customers and are committed to their safety. Businesses located in high-crime areas and at high-risk times can benefit from on-site security guards.

Third-Party Objective

Sometimes the threat or concern is internal. You may have concerns about compliance, unusual behavior, or safety within your company. A third-party security guard such as A List Security can give you an objective and trustworthy view of these events.

The security guards are accountable to their company, so there is no conflict of interest. They can report any suspicious behavior or activity within the workplace.

Cost-Effective & Convenient

Short-term security guards can be hired from a certified and professional company. This covers all costs, including training, credentials, uniform, and personal gear. A private company can also be more convenient as it allows you to select the proper security guards for your needs and screen them individually.

How To Hire Short-Term Security Guards

A short-term security guard might be beneficial in many situations. You will need additional protection if you anticipate an increase in risk. This applies whether you are aware of a threat, are concerned about odd behavior, or plan to hold an event.

A business that is more at risk than usual due to renovations, emergencies, or other factors can make it vulnerable to exploitation. High traffic is another example.

The more people that move in and around your business, the greater the chance of crime. These are just a few examples of situations where short-term security guards could prove valuable and how they would benefit.

Reopening Of Public Places And Businesses

Short-term security guards are sometimes required for events such as grand openings, conventions, and holiday shopping traffic. High-traffic events can lead to physical injuries to guests because of overcrowding or rushed movement. Temporary security guards can ease tension and allow for the safe movement of foot and vehicle traffic.

Short-term security guards can also be trained to spot suspicious activity and monitor theft and other crimes that could occur during high traffic events due to the circulation. High traffic events can cause stress, and we have trained our officers professionally.

Construction Sites

Construction sites might not seem like an immediate event to many people. However, leaving your site unattended for long periods or many hours a day could be susceptible to many threats. Construction is a complex process that can lead to many liabilities and dangers.

When entering a new contract, construction site managers are exposed to many risks. Security and on-site patrol services can help ensure construction workers’ safety and equipment safety.


Large crowds can pose safety risks for guests. We will highly recommend you hire temporary security personnel if you plan a private party or event such as a nightclub, sporting event, concert, festival, or other gatherings.

Because crowded areas can be a breeding ground for unique crimes that might go unnoticed by the average citizen, it is highly recommended to hire short-term security services. Events with high levels of excitement or involve a lot of drinking may be at greater risk.

These events could include drunken brawls and other petty crimes. Security guards can spot theft and handle delinquents while running your event smoothly.

Criminal Endangerment

Although it is less common, there have been occasions when a business has become a target of criminal intent. This may be a sign that someone is stalking an employee or that a dangerous person has reported to the area.

A temporary security guard can provide some relief by watching for suspicious activity in the area and identifying potential dangers before they occur. A security guard can help reduce stress and fear in the workplace, and it will encourage employees to continue their work routines and productivity.

Services For Security And Protection On A Short-Term Basis

A List Security company has professional guards to provide mobile security Calgary service 24 hours a day and can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our guards can provide short-term security for your clients and you.

They will also be more trustworthy. Get a quote today and get answers to all your questions about our licensed security company in Calgary, Alberta.

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