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Throughout the last two decades, we were able to witness AI dominating the tech world. From small things like a toothbrush to self-driving smart cars, Smart Assistant. And all of these advanced technologies leave a huge impact on our lives and holds leverage on every single decision of our life. To simplify the explanation of Artificial Intelligence every type of machine small to big which can stimulate mankind’s intelligence is defined as Artificial Intelligence.

If we are talking about Artificial Intelligence. How can we not mention how it impacted the smartphone industry because that is where it is utilized the most and gives your phone the power to make your life easy? Built-in artificial intelligence smartphones can accomplish around 5 trillion tasks every second and it doesn’t even consume too much power of your smartphone. Examples of artificial intelligence in your phone are Face scanning sensors, improving your photo quality, Google Assistance are only a few examples.

Benefits of Mobile Artificial Intelligence

  1. Mobile Artificial Intelligence Enhanced the Smartphone Search Engine Ability:

    If you want to search for a certain product but you are not aware of its name it was next to impossible for you to get the information on that product. Since you have to give your phone voice command or type its name in the search engine. But Google Lens made our life easier. Just open the Google Lens icon and take picture of the item you want to gather information about. And you will instantly receive your desired results. All of this became possible due to the artificial intelligence and mobile app developers hard work.

  2. Increased Your Smartphone Security with Face Unlock Feature:

    Nobody wants unwanted visitors peeking inside their smartphones. The pattern and the code unlock are unreliable since someone might discover your password. But if your Smartphone has a Face Unlock feature then it would be next to impossible for anyone to have access to your phone data. The artificial intelligence processor enhanced your phone’s ability to recognize the owner’s face even if they suddenly start growing a beard and wear glasses and it makes the face unlock process easier for us and keeps invaders away and secure your phone.

  1. Mobile Artificial Intelligence Translate Various Languages Instantly:

    Back in the time when you needed to translate a text and paragraph. It used to consume a lot of your time. Because you have to visit different websites to translate it. But now the smartphone is featured with tools that can instantly translate lengthy paragraphs. Especially new Smartphones Google Lens has a picture feature. Go to Google Lens and choose the translate option. And then click the photo of the text or paragraph you want to translate and it will instantly show you the translated result.

Final Verdict:

Artificial Intelligence is conquering the smartphone business due to its significance to enhance app quality. As well as adding better accessible and useful features for the consumer. Artificial Intelligence is one of the primary reasons that smartphone companies can sell mobiles on a higher number compared to the past.


Anaya Sharma is Writer and Gadget Researcher. She has completed her BA in English literature from Mumbai India. She is specialized in technology.

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