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Is the market full of saturated app ideas?

For most businesses today, the thing is now ‘mobile first’ instead of ‘the web first.’ Web 3.0 is being developed but will be launched in a few years hopefully. Until then, app have the universe in their hands.

Not so long ago, people relied on desktop computers to help derive answers to certain questions. If help was needed with a recipe, or just a random search was needed to check for shops nearby selling a particular product, then people would log on to their computers and do what was needed.

Now, things have changed. Smartphones dominate most of the available time slots. If people need to search for something then they use their smartphones.

What are smartphone users capable of and how are businesses taking this?

Users have the ability to search for what they need and want when it comes to using their phones. They want to know a particular route to a particular destination (like a restaurant) or wish to surprise their spouses; the ideas for these can be obtained on the phone with ease.

Taking one step further, some businesses have come up with their own mobile apps, something professionals from a well-known firm of mobile app development Toronto have observed recently. These apps were created from ideas that came from checking gaps in the market. Whenever users have an issue, they get it resolved with the aid of an app.

How can apps help users solve their problems?

Let us consider the case of food delivery. There are numerous food delivery and ordering apps of numerous services and restaurants. They are called to action whenever users need to place a food order. 

Similarly, there are numerous word dictionary apps with thesauruses that come in handy when someone needs help with the meaning of a word, homework, an assignment, or scrabble.

The Chicago Police  Department also has an app to help women keep stalkers at bay. Through the app, the police warn the criminal to back off or face action. Police are also readily deployed to the victim’s location to prevent the crime and to save the victim.

Is it safe to say that the app culture has arrived?

Whether people like it or not, the app culture has taken over PC searches (but not completely because PC enthusiasts still exist). Business process analysts are seeking real-time insights to keep up with the demands of their user base. As users have newer needs, businesses must identify and work on them.

The App Culture – how far has it come to?

In a holistic context, businesses have considered circumstances when users need a mobile app for certain things. They did so before the app could be developed. App ideas are derived from needs expressed by users. However, a plethora of apps of various qualities is present in the market to solve user issues and offer them convenience.

One of the finest examples of such apps is Truecaller. The advent of mobile phones brought unknown, unsolicited and spam calls. This worsened with the advent of smartphones. The app was devised so people can see who called them. This even helps them decide whether or not to return those calls.

Truecaller spots spam calls and helps people avoid calling those numbers. Even better, it helps law enforcement agencies identify potential crooks and trace out criminals to save people from harmful activities and fraud.

Despite some slowdowns in between, the app has evolved constantly to introduce new and improved features to make it more insightful and helpful. Apart from helping people, businesses are also being helped by Truecaller to a large extent. gaziantep escort , izmir escort

Is the app market saturated?

Unfortunately, it is saturated because the apps that are made using unique code are now being cloned. Taxi booking apps became a success but localized clones and scamming apps became a huge problem. Moreover, with phishing attacks rising on mobile, cloned apps are hence a top-class security risk and are rejected by app stores and countries across the world.

App ideas are becoming increasingly saturated. FIFA on Mobile is a unique game but numerous soccer apps have come into the app world. This not only makes the idea of a soccer game on mobile a saturated one but also makes users lose trust.

When clones of apps gained attention, users started placing their trust back in desktops, laptops, and gaming consoles. Smartphones will stay but with web 3.0 in the making and IoT ruling supreme, mobile apps and their developers need to raise the stakes. Else, it is game over. 720p film izle

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