Is Workzone Software Right For Your Project?

If you’re looking for a cloud-based project management solution, you should look into Workzone. This cloud-based project management system allows you to create and manage silos within your workspace. It also makes collaboration with your team, clients, and partners much simpler. Workzone has many benefits, but it’s also expensive. So, what makes it so great? Here’s a look at some of its best features. After all, you won’t want to spend all that money just to make your workspace look nice.

What Makes It Right for You?

Cloud-based Project Management Solution

Workzone is a cloud-based project management solution that includes a comprehensive project management system and file management and version control. It provides users with all the tools they need to manage projects, including file sharing, version control, and document collaboration. The features Workzone offers are quite extensive, but the interface can be complicated for new users. Regardless, this software is one of the best options for teams that need to manage their projects effectively.

Pricing for Workzone’s cloud-based project management solution varies by plan. There are three different plans to choose from, starting at $34 per user per month. The first is the Workzone Team plan, which allows up to fifteen users. The next plan up is the Workzone Professional plan, which offers an additional 100 GB of storage and features such as custom project intake forms. The cost per user, per month, is dependent on the number of users on your team, but Workzone offers a free trial for new users.

Silos Creation

While it may be tempting to limit the amount of collaboration and information exchange between different departments, working in a silo mentality hinders productivity and progress. By siloing your work, you restrict opportunities to think creatively and to make joint decisions. In addition, you may limit your experts’ view of the big picture, thereby preventing them from identifying critical risks. To avoid this, Workzone helps you create a silo-free environment.

Organizational silos are commonplace, whether they are geographical or based on employee experience. For instance, an entry-level employee may share a silo with their manager, while a long-term employee may work in a separate silo from the rest of the company. And, when there’s no communication across the organization, silos can exist within a team. Often, this limits collaboration and communication between departments, resulting in a lack of quality work.

Simplifies Collaboration

Workzone’s project management and document management features provide high visibility of your projects, while its customizable reporting and time-tracking features make it easy to keep track of everything that needs to be done. With customizable reports and various levels of detail, Workzone which is project tracking software gives your team the ability to track their progress on projects from anywhere. The software also links tasks with dependent dependencies and allows you to collaborate with your team members and partners.

When working with the team and clients, Workzone can make collaboration a breeze. Each team member can view a single calendar and mark their tasks as complete or incomplete. If a team member does not have a Workzone subscription, they can subscribe to one and view their personal calendar alongside their Workzone assignments. Users can also drag and drop files into the Document Manager folder, Project Tracker, or Calendar. Most modern web browsers support drag-and-drop.

Is It An Expensive Tool?

Workzone is an excellent tool for managing projects and team collaboration. Its robust feature set and out-of-the-box capabilities make it an excellent choice, but it’s also expensive compared to many other project management solutions. There’s a learning curve, so you should be prepared for a steep price tag. However, the software is well worth the price. Here are some of its advantages. Read on to discover whether Workzone is right for your project.

The cost of Workzone is higher than most PM solutions – the entry-level plan is $24 per user per month. This makes it feel more expensive than other tools. There are three levels of plans available: Team, Professional, and Enterprise. The Enterprise plan is the most expensive and provides the most features, although it’s a little bit more expensive. There are a few exceptions to this rule, however. The Professional plan offers API access and additional 50 GB of storage.

Workzone Tools Overview

Workzone’s tools are great for project managers and large teams, but there are some areas that could use improvement. For instance, users have noted that finding files and tasks associated with old projects can be a hassle. Workzone should improve its archiving process. However, the company is making some progress toward this end. Read on to learn more about Workzone’s tools and features. We’ve also listed a few things to look out for in the future.

Workzone Tools
Workzone Tools

Workzone Titanium+ Drill & Driver Kit

The Workzone Titanium+ drill & driver set is part of the premium Aldis range and includes a hammer drill and impact drive. Both power tools are battery-powered and feature a handy belt clip for convenience. They come with an adjustable clutch and a 20V Li-ion battery. The drill and driver can be used on either side of the tool. The case is sturdy and lined with heavy-duty foam padding.

The drill driver features an automatic spindle lock, which prevents it from slipping off-center. The drill can also be used as a normal screwdriver after the battery energy has been depleted. A large hammer drill with a torque of 150Nm and a 3000rpm impact rate is also available. The battery pack is charged by holding the red power indicator light for about five minutes.

Workzone Team

A private software company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Workzone LLC was founded to help organizations improve collaboration and project management. The company is led by Rick Mosenkis, CEO, and Allan Kamish, Chairman. The company aims to help organizations improve productivity by balancing simplicity and power. With the tools, Workzone offers, organizations can leverage current processes and create new ones while inviting the entire team to buy into the process.

Workzone offers a wide range of collaboration features, from secure file sharing to image markups. It allows users to drag and drop files to share them with others. Workflow tools make the project management process more efficient and centralized. You can also manage workflows through the approvals dashboard. Workzone is available as a subscription, starting at $200 per month. It is a great for ad agencies, marketing departments, colleges, and large organizations that need to manage the collaborative workflow of multiple departments.

Workzone Professional

Considering a Workzone Professional plan? The Professional plan comes with unlimited support from Workzone’s team of experts. You can reach them Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time or contact the sales team for a custom quote. Workzone offers training webinars and a large knowledge base with videos, FAQs, and helpful hints. You can also get help for your team from Workzone’s client support team.

The learning curve of Workzone is steep, but you can get unlimited support and training, which eases the learning process. The dashboard, however, feels outdated and is not as visually appealing as some other project management tools. If you’re not used to working with such complex software, it’s not for you. However, if you’re willing to spend some time learning it, you’ll be glad you made the investment in this professional tool.

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