Know How to Fix Suspect Database in SQL Server?

SQL Server has grown to be the most prominent relational database management system. This is used to handle data by both small and large businesses. However, much like any other solution, MS SQL Server displays several sorts of problems, such as SQL Error Code 5171, 5172, and SQL Server Error 18456. In reality, when a user’s access their database, they can see a warning such as – Database in SUSPECT mode.

This status implies that the database server has gone corrupted or damaged. In such a case, neither the user nor the server are able to access the SQL database or restore the database while server startup. To resolve this issue, users must take decisive action. That’s why in this post, we will demonstrate how to fix suspect database in SQL server 2012, 2008, 2008 R2, 2016, 2005, 2000, 2017, and 2019.

Let’s have a look at some user inquiries to gain a better understanding of the SUSPECT Mode issue.

Immediate Solution: If you’d like to know how to fix suspect database in SQL server, keep reading this tech blog. The user can seek the assistance of an automated solution. This will make it easier for the user to access and restore SQL Server database components.

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Reasons for Database in Suspect Mode

SQL database corruption is caused by a variety of causes, which also leads in a database Suspect mode scenario. All of the causes are mentioned here; read over them to keep the database from making this mistake in the future.

1: Once the SQL Server transaction log file becomes corrupted or damaged.

2: The system fails to launch the device where the log data are kept.

3: SQL database designated as ‘Suspect’, owing to incorrect shutdown of SQL server or unexpected end of program.

4: Unexpected restart during the transactions, results to corruption issue in a log file, therefore database tagged in Suspect status.

5: This scenario is also caused by a lack of free storage space in the SQL Server database.

6: Inclusion of harmful malware in Microsoft SQL database.

Let’s get began with the troubleshooting approaches when we’ve figured out what’s causing this difficulty.

Advanced Technique – How to fix suspect database in SQL server

SQL Repair tool is recommended for repair suspect database in SQL Server. It can also repair MDF and NDF database files that are severely damaged. Triggers, Rules, and Stored Procedures and other database objects are also recoverable. The user can also recover deleted SQL database items using this program. It is compatible with MS SQL Server 2019 as well as all previous editions of the database.

SQL Server Suspect Database Recovery is described in the following steps.

  1. Run the tool.
  2. Select the MDF file from the System location, and then select Advanced Scan mode to begin the scan process.
  3. The application will begin scanning of MDF file.
  4. SQL Server MDF database components are shown in this preview.
  5. If you want to export recovered data, click the Export option.

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Final Thought

Microsoft SQL Server is the greatest extensively used and important database management system. However, error codes frequently cause critical difficulties in SQL databases. As a result, users cannot login to or access the database. This blog describes user query how to fix suspect database in SQL server. We examined the possible causes of suspicion mode and the manual solution for recovering a database from Suspect mode. To assure the safe recovery of the database and to avoid data loss. The SQL Recovery software can be used to restore SQL databases from Suspect Mode. It will ensure that the database is successfully recovered.


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