Kucoin Clone – A Feature-rich Cryptocurrency Exchange Script To Start Your Crypto Venture

As a business owner, it has always been your role to predict future trends. In this digital era, almost all businesses have started trading with digital currencies. In the near future, we could predict that the majority of the businesses would be running on cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency investment has always been worthwhile for both investors and entrepreneurs. After analyzing the future of cryptocurrencies, many startups have started showing interest in owning cryptocurrency exchange platforms. 

Starting your own cryptocurrency exchange platform is as easy as they are available in clone script formats. This blog will highlight developing a Kucoin clone script developed with blockchain for your crypto business. 

What is so enriching about the Kucoin cryptocurrency exchange platform?

Kucoin is a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform launched in 2017. Since its inception, within a short span of time, the platform has gained an immense response from the public. It enables people to exchange for more than 400 cryptocurrencies and 340 trading pairs.

The platform charges a considerably low fee for the users, and this has led to a large user base. It also aims at providing a secure platform for users to trade and transact their cryptocurrencies with other users. It is operated in around 100 countries with 5 million users. The API integrated into their platform is highly advanced in that it protects it from hacking and other fraudulent activities. 

Top-notch characteristics of Kucoin that has anticipated the users 

When people prefer a platform over others, it’s time for us to understand how different they are. Here are some of the top-notch characteristics of the Kucoin platform, 

  • The Kucoin platform supports ICO and has earned the trust from users to get the newly launched cryptocurrencies. 
  • The platform has an advanced API integration that protects the platform from any hacking and data theft activities. 
  • Till now, the platform has not been charged with any fraudulent activities. So, it is completely secure for the users to sell, buy or trade their cryptocurrencies. 
  • It has a high liquidity provider and can also process orders automatically and securely. 
  • Kucoin also provides an excellent customer experience and support throughout their journey. 
  • When compared to other platforms, it charges a considerably less fee from the users. 

How will a Kucoin clone Exchange platform help you build your cryptocurrency exchange platform?

The Kucoin clone is a cryptocurrency exchange platform to provide a seamless transaction experience for the users. With this replicated version of the original Kucoin platform, you can earn a large set of masses to trade their cryptocurrencies. 

As cryptocurrency trading is going at a high pace, many startups are focusing on launching their own Cryptocurrency exchange platform. They also believe that a cryptocurrency exchange platform will be the direct golden ticket to enter the crypto sphere. 

The clone exchange script is entirely customizable and scalable to support your crypto business to a great extent. The Kucoin clone will be a great base for your cryptocurrency exchange platform. 

The seamless workflow of the Kucoin clone that you have to monitor

When it comes to cryptocurrency exchange platforms, the seamless workflow of the platform is what attracts the user base. So, you can consider these steps as a checklist for your Kucoin clone. 

  • Upon downloading the app, the users can register themselves with the app by providing their username, email address, and phone number. After completing this registration process, they can start trading with the app. 
  • The platform should verify the users when they register with the app. It will assign each user with an individual wallet to store their cryptocurrencies. 
  • The users can either sell or buy cryptocurrencies through the platform. They can post them for others to view. Or else, they can also view advertisements posted by others. 
  • Before proceeding with the exchange, the sellers and buyers can verify each other’s profiles to evaluate them. This will be a more secure way to trade with others. 
  • Once the sellers and buyers are satisfied, they can proceed with the payment process. According to their feasibility, they can choose their payment method. 
  • After the payment is made, the cryptocurrencies are deposited in the buyers’ wallets from the sellers. 

Extraordinary features to incorporate in your Kucoin clone 

Your well-developed Kucoin clone should have the following features,

A centralized dashboard 

The moment the users register with the platform, they should get access to a centralized dashboard that can give them a complete view of the operations taking place in the platform. 

P2P exchange support 

Your platform should support the users to buy and sell their cryptocurrency through swift P2P transactions. They should get their uninterrupted services through the transactions. 

Live statistics 

As an app owner, ensure that you provide real-time updates and performance statistics to your users. The users should get instant updates and notifications on crypto valuations and exchange rates. 

View history 

The app should hold records of the transaction histories of the users to help them out. Whenever they want to have a look at their performance, they can go and visit their complete history from the app. 

Security aspects to cover in your cryptocurrency exchange platform 

Your cryptocurrency exchange platform should provide secure and safe transactions for the users. So, make sure you have the following security features in the platform,

SSRF protection –  Any unauthorized entry into the platform will be meticulously stopped by the side safety request forgery protection system. However, it is one of the must-have features of your platform. 

Two-factor authentication –  This will give you multiple layers of protection to the app. The two-factor verification process involves sending emails , SMS, phone calls, etc. to the users.

Wrapping up,

The cryptocurrency exchange has become the new trend in the market as people have become more familiar with cryptocurrencies. The best way to start your cryptocurrency exchange platform is by opting for a ready-made Kucoin clone platform.  

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