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Latest Technologies for Creating Trendy Android Apps in 2021

With the rising popularity of the android application, more technologies are coming up to empower developers in creating unique products. Earlier android app development was done with java. Which made developing a modern-looking application very hard for developers. As in java fixing bugs is much harder and without many updates creating modern looking UI to meet u user requirements have become quite complicated.

Therefore, opting for different technologies to create unique android apps is a must to keep up with trends. Because using new technologies will open you up to the vast sea of functionality that can easily aid you in building unique applications with interactive UI and include a plethora of features.

List of technologies for Android App development

The era of android application has brought forward a revolution in the way businesses offer their services and reach out to their consumers. And with each passing day, more businesses are moving forward for embracing android applications to make their services easily accessible to consumers. Here’s a list of unique technologies that could be used for developing unique android apps:


Easy to use, fast, and scalable are just a few perks that Kotlin developers have exposure to while developing an android application. With Kotlin you can easily create an application with minimal coding saving your time and effort to a great extent. Kotlin is a very lightweight platform designed for making interactive apps, so using this can make your app faster as well. This language also supports java which means you don’t have to sacrifice java’s functionality to opt for Kotlin. You can always use java along with Kotlin to extend the functionality of android applications.

React Native

React Native is yet another language that is being embraced by android developers across the globe. This technology is backed up by Facebook. And can aid developers in creating unique android applications with ease. The apps built with this can run in both android and IOS. This makes it one of the best technologies to work with. You don’t have to put extra effort into separately creating apps for android and IOS. Therefore, if the user experience and platform independence are your top priority you can hire android developer seasoned in React Native to bring your ideas into reality.


Firebase is a real-time database that is supported by Google. Using it for storing your android app’s data can be quite beneficial tactics. As, unlike traditional databases, you don’t have to fret about setting up a safe and secure server for storing your app’s data. Because the server configuration is taken care of automatically by Firebase saving a huge amount of time and effort. Further, it is able to store user-generated content, send notifications for updates, and report minor crashes as well. These unique features make Firebase one of the best options to store android app data.

Angular Material

Angular Material has been around for quite a while. However, it is also one of the most underrated technologies discussed. With Angular Material delivering an exceptional UX for mobile devices can become very easy. Because it was created while keeping the mobile-first approach in mind. Hence using Angular Material for the UI can make application design much easier and effective.

Final Words

Incorporating the latest technologies while creating an android application can make the development process much easier. Also with the unique features offered by the technologies mentioned above android applications can become more interactive and user-friendly with its use. Hence, making use of these technologies can be beneficial in multiple ways and can guarantee your application’s success.

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