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Learn How to Build a Website for Free by Following These Steps

There are quite a few ways to build a website these days. There are even videos out there explaining how you could make one in ten minutes!

But if you haven’t got a large budget, you might be wondering how to build a website for free? You’ll be pleased to know it is possible, on the building side of things at least. There are certain fees you will need to pay to get the site up and running, however.

Two popular options are to either use a website builder or WordPress. Nowadays, website builders are extremely powerful. Almost anyone with a bit of effort can develop a professional-looking site using a website builder. And there are some great tools to explore when using one too.

So let’s jump into how you can build your website for free, focusing on website builders.

Website Builders

To create a website, a large number of individuals utilize website builders. Wix has more than 200 million users, while Shopify has surpassed 1.2 million.

What is the reason behind this? Website builders allow anybody, irrespective of technical ability, to create a website. Building a website at the dawn of the internet involved a solid knowledge of HTML. Then came CSS, which further added to the confusion.

Website builders handle the technical language, allowing you to concentrate on content and design. Some use templates, while others use drag-and-drop interfaces to create a website as simple as putting together a PowerPoint presentation.

You might hear some website building companies saying that you won’t have all the options available to you with website builders. Yet, these days, many companies are designing their web tools for multiple platforms.

For example, if you want to know how website visitor tracking works, there are independent tools that can integrate with all the popular website builders.

Which Are the Best Website Builders?

Since Wix has so many users and dominates the market, they have invested a lot into their web-building technology. Squarespace is also very popular and straightforward to use, like Wix.

The great thing about these builders is that you can start building straight away and for free. They have guides for the whole process. So, creating your own website has never been easier!

Wix even has a system where they ask you a load of questions about your site. Then, it goes about automatically creating a site that might best reflect what you want. After they’ve done the bulk of the work, you can then tweak it to suit your needs.

What Fees Are Involved?

Once you’re happy with your site, you need to buy a domain name and get hosting. You can’t bypass these steps if you want to publish your site on the net.

You can either find your own providers for these two things by searching on Google. Or, you can opt to use one of the packages that all the best website builders offer.

Now You Know How to Build a Website for Free

Everyone should know how to build a website for free in this modern technical age. Gone are the days of having to be a technical wizard to get a site up and running.

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