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Learning SEO: how do you do it best?

SEO doesn’t have to be complicated. You just need time to learn it. A lot of time. You can start the new year by learning this new field. But where do you start? I’ll give you my top 5 tips on how to get started.

The world of SEO is made up of an immense amount of things: white hat, black hat, link building, htaccess, robot txt, featured snippets, and so on. Then it makes sense that you might not know where to start.


But don’t worry, you can do this! 

Learning SEO can be very accessible. You don’t have to buy courses or visit an expensive event. All you really need is time. A lot of time.


 1) Listen to podcasts

Listening to a podcast is a great way to double the effectiveness of your work and time. You can complete tasks while listening to what the best experts and their guests have to say about search engine optimization.


If you’re on your bike, waiting on the train for the next stop, mopping the floor or raking in the garden, you can easily listen to an English or Dutch podcast.


 2) Join a community

Joining a forum or a Facebook group has many benefits. You can ask for tips, scroll through the questions of others, or even respond. You learn so much from it. You can keep asking questions all the time, and you’ll get answers in no time from different people who want to help and give you advice. If you want to look for an SEO expert then go here SEO Specialist In Bangladesh here you can find your best SEO Expert. 


I am a member of several Facebook groups. That was very interesting in the beginning, but after a while, I didn’t feel perfectly at home in certain groups. Why? Not everyone in that group was equally nice. It’s that simple. You will notice that people can have a big ego. learning SEO

That is why it is important that you find the group that really suits you.

Then I came across the Facebook group Sisters in SEO. And what a great group that is! After months I still feel very welcome there, everyone tries to help you as best as possible and no question is too strange.


 3) Read a book on SEO

While there are plenty of blogs and websites devoted to SEO, another great way to learn about SEO is to read a book that explains the intricacies of SEO strategy and tactics.


The great thing about a marketing book, both a paper book and an e-book, is that you can isolate yourself with it. Blogs are a good source of information. But a major drawback to that is that you can drown in the amount of information. Not everything on the internet is true what you read, of course. In addition, you are easily distracted online, if I do say so myself. learning seo


 4) Start your own website

You really learn something about SEO if you try it. Buy a domain name, arrange a web host and start your own website. When you apply your knowledge in practice, you really learn how the SEO world works. When you have just heard something during a podcast or seen something interesting in a Facebook group, it is nice to immediately try this on your own website.


This way you immediately learn what goes right, what goes wrong and how you can do it better. Besides having an optimized website, you also learn from your own mistakes. So win-win.



5) Learn from colleagues

If you have a job in the marketing world, it is easier to make the switch to SEO. You are probably completely surrounded by SEO specialists. Let your colleagues and employer know that you want to learn SEO. Pick up projects, practice, and listen to your colleagues’ tips. And yes, you will probably make a mistake, but you really learn a lot from that.


 6) Never stop learning

If you want to master SEO, you have to follow the latest trends and the algorithm updates. As with any new skill, it’s helpful to keep reading about it to stay up to date. SEO never stands still. Never.


So whether you are a beginner or an experienced SEO guru; it is still important to keep learning and keep your knowledge up to date. I monitor LinkedIn daily, receive a monthly newsletter with the most important updates and I often read blogs.


 7) Or do you call in an expert?


If after all the above tips you still think “Gosh, SEO is too complicated for me, I need help anyway.” Then I’m still there of course!🙂


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