LED Downlight

Tell me, please, what kind of LED Downlight to choose in a new apartment?

Ceilings everywhere will be stretched, white, and glossy.
In the current apartment, the light in the kitchen and rooms is made as follows: built-in mirror halogens are closer to the perimeter, plus a chandelier in the center is also made of 20W halogens.
For example, in a room of 16 sq., there are six built-in mirror halogens and a chandelier with 22 lamps.
Illumination, in principle, is enough. But I’m tired of fighting with poor contact in the sockets for G4 lamps in chandeliers.
In addition, I want something new. To look modern and stylish.
Are there LED or other solutions?
But it is necessary to keep the light quality: 3000K, high CRI, and Ra, low ripple at a reasonable price.
Electricity consumption energy is secondary.
Or is it a utopia?

Thank you all in advance!

Can’t use the ceiling light properly.

Firstly, it seems to be native, but it works strangely … Not as logically …
Logically, in one position it should react to the doors (like in a refrigerator), and in the other, it should just burn constantly, but if the ignition is on.
And I just want to click it and get light. Click back and turn off the light. And to do not care about the position of the key or the openness of the door.

So, 3 wires come to the ceiling, on which + 12V and ground change places depending on the position of the machine parts (key and doors) in space.

That is, it was just +12 on this wire, and on that ground … But now they have changed places. And on all three. That’s bullshit!!! Help – advise how to do it stupidly without pulling the wires all the time – on one wire +12 and on the other 0?

What goes where and where to this ceiling? Something I missed was the diagram. It looks like everything is confused there on the door switches and even the trunk.

Can anyone explain on the fingers how to simplify this to the desired state? I just want to plug 1 wire from the ceiling into constant +12 from the battery, and zakolbasit the other to the ground (but this is a little easier … though.

I already know the +12 terminal – I have a radio tape recorder and a USB connector with an adapter permanently hanging on the tidy. So what wire from the ceiling can be brought to it? How to find this wire, WHERE IS IT???

PS. In addition, because of this, I cannot normally power the DVR from the ceiling, if the wiring there is always different in voltage.

The LED Down Light is a remarkably sustainable lighting solution that consumes much less energy than halogen lights. The advanced technology associated with these lamps offers energy efficiency and high performance. Unlike traditional lighting that needs to be replaced regularly, a led downlight is durable and last up to 50,000 hours, which means there is no backlight. CREST LED energy lighting offers LEDs of the highest quality with a wide choice of options; including fire-rated, adjustable, and shower rated for the house or office that create a stylish environment so it is highly recommended in today’s world.

LED downlights are suitable for most living and working areas, including offices, kitchens, bathrooms,

CREST LED offers an incredible range of LED luminaires available in white, chrome, brass, satin nickel, and satin chrome finish. These light bulbs are an ideal replacement for energy-efficient halogen bulbs.

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