Live Streaming Platforms For Mobile Broadcasters

Live streaming is a well-known term known by many. And its popularity is reaching new heights every day. But why? And why do people love it so much?

Well, everyone doesn’t love every stream. That depends on the creator how they deliver and the viewer how do they receive it. But isn’t that true for all kinds of streaming? How is live streaming more special?

If you ask me I would say that people are less transparent in live streams than pre-recorded streams. Cause there can be a lot of retakes in recorded streams to cover up your mistakes. But in live streaming, a mistake can cause your streaming career. Thus when a streamer live streams his is most showing his real feeling to his viewer. 

Other than that it’s a wonderful way to connect with your viewers in real-time no matter how far they are. It’s the perfect platform to broadcast yourself to your fans. But it’s that all that makes it so popular?

Definitely no! There’s also the fact about accessibility. Like how with the advancement of modern technology we are able to watch and stream all kinds of video and audio anytime anywhere without relying solely on a computer. The same can be said for streaming. Now by that, I didn’t mean that our build-in mobile cameras alone are able to live stream on any type of platform you prefer. But there are mobile apps built by those platforms that make use of your mobile camera and allow you to stream on their platform through it. Because of this, you can stream at a moment’s notice from any place. Now let me tell you about some of these platforms that enable you to do this.

# Facebook Live

We all aren’t strangers to social media. And who hasn’t heard of Facebook? Well, seeing the popularity of live streaming many social media platforms have integrated it into their site and app. And Facebook is no different. Facebook live is the end result of it.

Yeah it might have been new but it’s popularity, now that’s a different story. In a very short time, it has become a very popular and core feature of Facebook. Heck, some even signed up to Facebook for this feature.

# Instagram Live

Another well know social media platform. But unlike Facebook which is famous for all kinds of sharing all kinds of posts like your feelings or written quality content or image content or video content. But Instagram is mainly famous for its image and video content sharing and special its story section.

Though it’s new doesn’t mean that it’s any less popular. And when the live feature was added to its story section its popularity went through the roof. Now whenever people talk about top social media platforms Instagram is one of them.

# TikTok Live

Tiktok is relatively newer than the other platforms but in a very short time, it has become quite popular. Unlike many old platforms were which have integrated live streaming later, TikTok came with it.

And why wouldn’t it? It’s totally built around video streaming. And because of the popularity of video streaming nowadays it has become quite popular in such a short time. Not only that but with its help you are also able to earn from home online through the sponsorship and the platform as well.

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