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Easy way to measure the distance between locations in Apple maps

If you use the Maps app to get directions or information about places, you already know that it is an easy app. What you may not know is that you can measure the distance between two locations other than your current location and even get directions. This is handy if you are planning a trip and want your hotel to be attractive or something as simple as the distance between two of your friends’ houses. For whatever reason you want to mark the distance between two places on Apple Maps, we will show you how to do it on iOS and Mac.

Measure the distance between locations on the iPad or iPhone

Open the Maps app on your iPhone or iPad and do the following to measure the distance. First, you should see your current location in blue on the Map. Tap on the “Info” button at the top and select “Mark my location”. This will place a pin on the map at your spot. After that tap the “Edit Location” at the bottom. Then move the map to the first place you want to measure it. The pin will be in the center of the screen, so you can zoom in or out and move the map until the pin is in position. Then tap and now you are done. After that tap directions. Replace “My Location” with the location of the second spot. Then tap on the “Route”. Now you will see the distance and can get directions between the two locations. And you can tap the “Swap” button to reverse the directions indeed.

How to measure the distance between locations in Mac

Open the Maps app on your Mac and follow these steps to measure distance. First, find your first place on the map. Then click “Directions”. In the top spot under my locations, click and enter the second location. And also you can click on the “Swap” button to change your locations around and view the directions or just see the distance between them.

Wrapping it up

Getting distance between locations other than your location is easy with the Apple Maps app. So remember to take this tip off the road. Driving more than 4 million miles has led to the creation of a new subway map with more information and a realistic outlook. The new map includes significantly improved and refined information for roads, beaches, marinas, parks, airports, buildings, and more. It is now available across the United States and will be expanded to several other countries by 2020.

Maps help you find the way to your destination by turning on the speech directions as you go, or when you are driving. Along the way, it can be a factor for real-time traffic information, including. Current speed limit, so you will know exactly how long until you arrive. Maps now guide you more precisely to where you want to go, so you are located in the real store rather than the mall. It even puts a pin on the map to remind you where you parked.


apple: ඇපල්, ඇපල්ගෙඩිය, එනම් පලතුරු වර්ගය

English – Sinhala

(locate): නිශ්චයනය කරනවා, පිහිටි තැන දක්වනවා, පිහිටි තැන සොයාගන්නවා, පිහිටුවනවා

English – Sinhala

(location): අනුස්ථානය, අවස්ථිතිය, නිවේශනය, නිවේෂණය, නිශ්චයනය, පරිස්ථානය, පිහිටිස්ථානය, පිහිටීම, පිහිටුම, පිහිටුවීම, ස්ථානය

English – Sinhala

remember: මතක තබා ගන්නවා, මතක තබාගන්නවා, මතක් වෙනවා, මෙනෙහි කරනවා, සිතෙහි ධාරණව පවතිනවා, සිහි එළවනවා, සිහි කරනවා, සිහිකරනවා, සිහිපත් කරනවා

English – Sinhala

(member): අංගය, අවයවය, ඇඟ, කොටස, සභික, සහභාගය, සාමාක, සාමාකයා

English – Sinhala

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