Lotus Tattoo Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips

Goddess Aphrodite Lotus Tattoo, and Egyptian Lotus Tattoo and Signs from Egyptian Culture

China is one of the most ancient civilizations, and it is not surprising that the symbolism of the lotus tattoo has not been overlooked here either. The Chinese made it one of the signs of good luck in their culture and considered it very auspicious. In neighboring Tibet, it was a symbol of everything mysterious and incomprehensible. The Japanese also distinguished themselves by making the lotus a sign of female innocence and chastity.

Chinese style lotus tattoo on the left, Japanese style on the right

The spontaneous and planetary correspondence is different for each nation. For example, the inhabitants of Persia (now Iran) considered the lotus to be a solar symbol. At the same time, the Mayan civilization defined it as terrestrial. If we talk about correspondences in the real world, then this is simultaneously earth, water, and sun/light/spirit.

What does the lotus flower tattoo symbolize?

In many religious and philosophical trends, the lotus flower is a symbol of the unity of opposites. Light and darkness are twins living side by side and meaning only together. The roots of the lotus go deep into the earth, symbolizing the feminine principle, darkness, and the flower of cool drawings rises to the sky and sunlight. Thus, by making this tattoo, you show that you have found the inner harmony of two principles, your yin, and yang.

lotus tattoo

Lotus and yin yang tattoo

Buddhists consider a flower a symbol of awakening, comprehension of the secrets of the universe, wisdom. It is no coincidence that the famous lotus poses created.

In a tattoo, color matters:

  • If the flower is red, it attracts love. Often paired tattoos are making, in which the name of the partner entered;
  • Rose petals – perfection, purity, divinity;
  • white lotus – striving for spiritual development;
  • the blue lotus flower symbolizes humility, wisdom;
  • watercolor lotus tattoos, in which bright colors are used, are chosen by people who like attention. They try to attract people with extraordinary actions;
  • black lotus is often chosen by extraordinary, strong people who are engaged in various oriental martial arts. It is a symbol of intuition, creativity, artistic ability;
  • A Carp tattoo with lotus flowers is a lucky sign. It is usually chosen by people striving for spiritual development.
  • Lotus and dragon – a tattoo of real leaders. These are people with inner strength, a core that helps them in difficult life situations. Also, such an image may indicate a high level of intelligence of the owner.
  • The Egyptian lotus means immortality.

Black lotus tattoo for strong people White lotus tattoo for those who strive for spiritual development

Lotus tattoos for men and women

What does a lotus tattoo mean for girls? This is one of the most comfortable and neutral characters. He personifies a combination of opposites inherent in a woman:

  • The chastity of the virgin and the fertility of the woman – the mother;
  • The strength and endurance of the female and femininity itself;
  • Ability to be calm and passionate, moderate and energetic.
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