Machines can learn to Write Academic Papers. Do you agree?

Students often wonder, “Who will do my assignment?” if the project is tough to comprehend. You will look for a service provider who can help you get through with the project. The project is an essential element that has a significant role in your overall grades. Hence, you look up to experts who can write the paper quickly and help you submit the same on or before time. The instructor looks into every aspect before putting in the grades. But do you think these automated tools can learn to write academic papers in the future? Students will be at the mercy of the machines to get the necessary help. We don’t know what the future holds but have some ways to assume what might come. So, without much ado, let’s have a detailed discussion on the same.

Machine Learning: What is the Future?

Technology has developed over the years. You cannot put a step forward without using any technology. Professionals and students need the help of different gadgets to work smoothly. You cannot write a paper without using Google. Setting up an alarm, scheduling a meeting, everything needs technology. The advancement of technology can be seen everywhere, but does this mean that the machines can learn to write academic papers instead of students in the future? Well, that’s a debatable question. Let us look into all the aspects before making any decision.

It is not rare to see students availing of the services of automated tools to get the job done. The service providers keep the option open for students who need instant help. But, can these tools produce a paper that equals the quality of write-up of an expert? The answer depends on how well you look into the process. The tools need many details to write your paper. The experts will need the topic to write a top-quality paper. The tools are intelligent enough to get the job done but can produce a good write-up without the necessary information. The answer is definitely ‘no’. You need to look into the differences to understand the future of machine learning.

Artificial intelligence has been at the forefront for quite some time. You have used gadgets and tools that can operate using voice commands. But, how can these affect education and the students? Will it replace the traditional writers? Let us dig deep to understand the future.

Artificial Intelligence: Its Effect on Education

Today, you might even ask Google, “Who will do my assignment?” instead of typing the whole thing. The AI embedded in the Google server will show you all the available options on the web. So, how can the same be used in academic writing and teaching? The possibility of AI taking over education is not very near. As per a report from 2018, Artificial Intelligence could write high school level essays by 2026, and by 2049, it can write a good novel. However, the research did not suggest anything about college-level essays.

If you consider this report, then you will understand that the future depends on technology. AI will take everything over. Also, if you look at the present education scenario, you will see the use of technology. The pandemic situation has forced us to take the help of technology. As a result, the education sector is seeing some rapid changes. You will be unable to get your daily lessons without the use of technology, making the future even more prone to technology.

If you look at the situation and the dependency on technology, you might feel that the day AI will write academic papers is not very far. Students tend to seek help whenever necessary. It is OK to ask for help when you are facing any difficulties. But you must also try and learn the lesson. You must go through the solution provided by the experts. It is essential to understand the impact of Artificial Intelligence takes over.

What can be the Impact if AI takes over?

Academic writing is not going anywhere. You will be asked to write assignments, do an extensive research throughout your academic career. Presently, we see many students seeking help from experts to complete their projects. So, what if AI replaces these experts? Chatbots and writing bots are already in development. A report has also claimed that teachers can also be replaced very soon. The teachers who help students learn the correct ways of writing will face the axe when AI takes over.

It is essential to understand the impact. Artificial Intelligence is helpful for everyone, but you might not want to rely entirely on AI when it comes to education. Writing is an important skill, and you must develop the same. Presently students take the help of AI-enabled tools to check for spelling and grammar. Many teachers have opposed the practice initially. Well, it is now an accepted form of checking. But, if the AI starts writing the complete paper, there will be no need to follow the writing process. No rough draft, no outline, ask the machine and get the job done. It will not help in building up a student’s career.

If you look at it from another perspective, from the writer’s viewpoint, you might see them worried about their jobs. Today when you ask someone, “Please do my assignment“, that person responds promptly and helps you get a well-written paper. The expert has worked hard to reach this position and provide you with the necessary help. It will be difficult for them to accept that a machine can be their replacement.

The job is not always the question. If students start believing and using AI, it might benefit them, and they might get their work done quickly. But, the value of education might get hampered. The experts working with the service providers hold the highest educational degrees and have invested enough time to gain relevant knowledge.

Few Suggestions

Technology is beneficial for people around the world. The ongoing pandemic situation has also triggered the usage of technology. As mentioned earlier, education has taken the biggest hit due to this. If we value education, we must understand that an AI cannot teach you how to write better than an experienced teacher. Keeping the usefulness of AI aside, you need to understand the importance of the skill. But, I do not stand by the decision of AI taking over academic writing completely. This way, students will not learn the most essential skill.

If you want machines to take over, ask yourself the most important question. Will you read the output the machine will provide? How will you understand and learn the correct ways of writing by reading a paper written by a machine? The developers need to answer the question before making the students completely dependent on technology.

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