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Make Custom Candle Boxes by Using Valuable and Practical Tips

The more appealing your custom candle boxes are, the more long-term consumers you may gain. You can customize these boxes as per your specs.

Focus On the Size You Want

When a manufacturer considers designing custom candle boxes, he must consider various factors. The size of your box is the most important factor to consider. It is crucial in ensuring that your items are safe to the fullest extent possible. 

If you wish to pack your candles for gift purposes, designing a large size box is inefficient in terms of safety. Because it causes your candles to move around. 

A smaller candle packaging, on the other hand, will make it harder for your goods to fit inside, damaging its edges and raising the risk of candle damage.

Save Your Money

Making correctly sized boxes for candles with cardboard sheets can save your company money in the long run. Moreover, it reduces the danger of damage and guarantees that your candles deliver safely. 


Select a Right Template

Another good suggestion to remember is to select the appropriate box template. Because each product has its own packaging requirements, it’s important to pick the right custom candle boxes styles for the job.

Get Tons of Attractive Styles

You may have a lot of options as a business owner. You can make mailer-style packaging, custom shipment candle gift boxes, sleeve packaging, foldable boxes, two-piece rigid packaging, gable packaging, and much more. 

How We Convert Template into a Box

We first draw these templates on cardboard sheets, then we cut them out to create the desired candle box packaging

 Choosing the appropriate box type for your candles can facilitate your brand in the long run. It better accommodates your candles. Moreover, this candle box packaging also contributes to the enhancement of your brand’s image.


Professionally Make Your Artwork

The presentation of your candle gift boxes artwork is quite important. Because it plays a significant part in attracting buyers’ attention. 

You must first prepare the artwork with that you would design your cardboard sheets. 

Use 3D Designer

You can either go for a 3D box creator or even a die-line design. If you don’t have access to pricey design software or don’t know how to use it, 3D box designer is an excellent option. 

Use Die Line Templates

Similarly die line Templates give you complete control over your design’s layout, fonts, colors, and alignment. 

How to Evaluate Custom Candle Boxes Artwork

  • Make sure there aren’t any cut or crop lines in your artwork. 
  • The fonts have been highlighted and the transparency has been flattened. 
  • Shapes or vectors must be used to store them. 
  • The rest of the graphic elements from different files must be embedded rather than linked.


Emphasis on Packaging Typography

Your text would be printed legibly if you use a heavy or bold typeface. Choosing a modest font design, on the other hand, maybe lost during printing. 

Embellish your candle packaging, especially when using light-colored or white lettering against a dark background. 

Ink may bleed, and a dark background can produce an optical illusion, making your writing appear smaller and, in some cases, disappear from afar.

Use Bold Fonts with Dark Colors

If you make your writing too small, it will become hazy and unintelligible. Text printed on the packaging looks better when it’s in a bold font style with dark colors, especially when it’s in italics.


Choose the Most Appropriate Color Combinations

The more appealing your package is, the more long-term consumers you may gain. Color models are the greatest way to make an attractive show for your custom boxes

You may need to employ an expert to help you execute them appropriately. 

CMYK and PMS Color Schemes

CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black) and PMS (primary, secondary, and tertiary) are the two most often used color techniques. 

By combining these four common colors in CMYK, you may create a stunning combination without having to worry about pixel breakage. 

PMS is also becoming more popular these days. It could be used to manufacture quality printed candle box packaging, despite the fact that it is somewhat pricey.



Consider some of your most recent purchases of candles. The majority of brands pack these candles in custom candle boxes. Kraft is the most adaptable material that most brands are using. We use it to package a wide range of products that includes not only candles but also food, clothing, cosmetics, machinery, homes, and a variety of common objects. 

These custom wholesale boxes are well-known for their durability, long-term sustainability, and low cost. Its outstanding attributes have made it a popular choice among all the big brands all around the world. 

However, to make great custom boxes, you must design cardboard sheets in a more appealing and professional manner. Because these sheets combine to form a box, it is vital to work on their presentation to achieve the greatest outcomes. 

Fast Custom Boxes has gone through all the valuable and practical techniques for more efficiently making custom printed boxes in this article.

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