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Make hibiscus ayurvedic oil at home, every hair problem will go away

If you have tried different types of oils for strong and beautiful hair, but hair breakage, fall or greying is not stopping, then do not worry. Actually, most of the hair oils available in the market make various promises, but instead of benefiting, they cause harm because a lot of chemicals are used in them. If you use special Ayurvedic oil made at home, then your problem will go away. Hibiscus flower is very beneficial for various problems. Hibiscus powder which is rich in vitamin C helps in cleaning your skin and removing dark pigmentation. You can als make ayurvedic hibiscus oil of hibiscus flowers at home, which will remove every hair problem in a pinch.

Make hibiscus ayurvedic oil at home, every hair problem will go away

Make hibiscus oil at home

Making hibiscus oil is easy. You can make it at home. For this you will need hibiscus flowers, hibiscus leaves, fenugreek seeds and coconut oil. By collecting these ingredients, you can make hibiscus oil like this-

  • First of all wash 3-4 flowers of hibiscus and a handful of leaves thoroughly.
  • Put these flowers and leaves in a mixer and grind them to make a paste.
  • Put 250 mg coconut oil in a vessel and mix this paste in it.
  • Put the hibiscus paste in coconut oil and put it on the flame.
  • Cook it on low flame for 5 minutes while stirring in between.
  • Now add a spoonful of fenugreek seeds and heat it for 1 minute.
  • Hibiscus oil is ready, just cool it and fill it in a bottle.

Make hibiscus ayurvedic oil at home, every hair problem will go away

How to use hibiscus oil

Every time you warm it up a bit before using hibiscus oil. Now take a little oil in the palm and apply it on the roots and length of the hair. Using this oil will solve all your hair problems. If you have hair fall, then warm a little oil every night before sleeping and apply it on the roots of the hair. Your hair fall will stop within 2-3 days of use.

Hibiscus oil for beautiful and long hair

Olive oil has been used for many years. By applying this oil, the hair becomes black and beautiful. It’s a great product for hair care. Also, this oil protects premature white hair and brings black shine to it. Apart from this, hibiscus oil also prevents hair thinning and loss.

Get rid of dandruff

Grind hibiscus leaves with henna and apply. The colour of henna will be good and there will be no dryness in the hair due to henna. Dandruff is the problem due to dryness of the scalp.

Benefits of hibiscus flower strengthen hair

The use of yoghurt is considered very effective for the overall health and nutrition of the hair. But if hibiscus is used with curd, it nourishes the hair as well as makes them strong. Make a hair mask by mixing curd and hibiscus flowers and apply it on your hair. After about 20 minutes, wash your hair with herbal shampoo. This hair mask has the ability to make your hair strong.

Benefits of Hibiscus Make hair shiny

Another advantage of using hibiscus flowers is that it can make your hair more shiny. For this, prepare a paste using the powder of hibiscus flowers and aloe vera gel and use it on your hair. It not only enhances the shine of your hair in the long run but also prevents your hair fall.

Use of hibiscus to make hair grow faster

If you want to make your hair grow faster, then use a hair mask made of hibiscus and ginger. Hibiscus flower and ginger hair mask promotes your hair growth. This hair mask stimulates the amino acids in the scalp and helps in faster hair growth.

Hibiscus oil benefits for dry hair

Hibiscus oil is very beneficial to prevent hair from becoming dry. You can use hibiscus, honey, curd and coconut powder to prevent your hair from becoming dry. The combination of all these products helps in retaining enough moisture in your scalp. You apply this hair mask on your hair for at least 30 minutes and then wash it off with herbal shampoo, this is the best way to deal with dry hair.

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