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Make Your Own Custom Eyelash Boxes

If you’re planning to make your own custom eyelash boxes, you need to pay close attention to details. Not only does the box need to be perfectly designed, but it also needs to be flawless in color. You want the box to look sophisticated and pure. Choosing the right colors requires great technical skill and attention to detail. In addition, you want your custom eyelash box to stand out from the rest of the collection.

Diamond-Shaped Lash Box:

If you are starting your own lash business, you can customize your Diamond-shaped custom eyelash packaging box with a stylish, glittery design. This unique custom packaging is available in multiple colors and materials. The lash packaging is very attractive and useful. The glittering surface will not rub off easily and can keep the eyelashes clean. This packaging is suitable for both natural and synthetic eyelashes. It is also available at a wholesale price.

A diamond-shaped Custom Eyelash Boxes is an effective way to grab the attention of customers. With the shape resembling a diamond, your product will be easy to spot and catch people’s attention. This packaging style can be easily customized with a logo or a company name, which will enhance its luxury and high-end appeal. It is also an affordable option to spread your brand among the eyelash market.

Square rhinestone Lash Box:

A square rhinestone lash box is a beautiful accessory that is made to hold one pair of strip lashes. These boxes come in a variety of colors and have a skylight on the top that helps the customer to determine which eyelash style they are wearing. This eyelash box can be a great way to add a bit of glitter to any look, as well as to store your strip lashes neatly.

Capsule Lash Box:

Custom capsule lash boxes can be created in various shapes and sizes to fit the eyelashes of your customers. These boxes hold one pair of mink lashes. You can even add a private label sticker to let your customers know that these eyelashes are by a certain brand. Since capsule lashes are made of clear plastic, they are easy to carry and store. And because they are made of eco-friendly materials, they won’t be affected by temperature or climate changes.

Another popular type of eyelash packaging is the drawer type. This style allows you to pull out the false lashes from either the width or length side. Unlike traditional packaging, a drawer is more secure and won’t let eyelashes become contaminated. The box can also be designed to fit a mirror inside. Many women prefer these boxes because they look great while they’re on the go.

Acrylic Lash Box:

In order to produce an attractive and unique lash packaging, you can choose from the following types of acrylic boxes: EC15-16, EC30-33, EC41-47, and EC64-66. These are all made of shiny or glitter materials and are often accompanied by a handle. Alternatively, you can choose a simpler, rectangular, or square eyelash box and combine it with a paper one.

In case you are going to customize an eyelash box for your business, it is very important to choose the right type of box for your products. A rectangular box can be used to print a brand name or logo, and it can also be decorated with various patterns or social messages. You can ask for a FREE logo design if you have an idea of what you want to create. After all, your lashes aren’t going to be displayed in a plastic box if they are not packed properly.

Magnetic Lash Box:

You can customize the look of the Magnetic Lash Box according to your preferences. You can choose from different color combinations and design patterns. You can choose a diamond magnetic lash box if you love the sparkle of diamonds. There are other types as well, like a triangle magnetic lash box. The magnetic lash box can be decorated with ribbons or other decorative elements. Choose the Custom Boxes with Logo that matches your personality.

You can install a fancy ornament chain on the top of the Magnetic Lash Box to decorate it. Generally, it is installed on the middle part of the box. The chain can be of any shape and is very useful for decorating the middle part of the box. The box can also feature a private eyelash label and logo. Moreover, you can use the box for storing eyelashes in a safe place.

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